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The ancient Greeks had four unique words, which when the Bible was translated into English all became LOVE; I've been thinking we are not that destitute for words that we cannot refine the meaning of love. I have 10 Love Words and How to Use Them.

My thoughts upon the discovery that dinosaurs were dragons, or jackals, in the Bible, and they still exist, and have a spiritual meaning. Are They Dinosaurs or Dragons?

A personal story of how I learned to overcome my low self-esteem and began to encourage others instead by getting Back on God's Easel.

All dressed, all set for a drama fest fundraiser, then interrupted by a sudden water crisis and other problems that hint of spiritual interference, or what to do when Our Best Laid Plans Can Go- awry!

Third article in a series about the theme of the old gospel song, In the Garden, - this time about being called out of it when the Lord Bids me go to help others who are in all kinds of woe.

Remembering very special Christmas Gift Books received in the past, and a peek into how I read books not written yet.

My thoughts on 911's first anniversary, and what people can do when their emotions are so intense and Brimming Over.

Here is how my Dad and I saw and celebrated Christmas, not with a lot of glitter and decoration, but with Christmas in the Heart.

Here's some excellent reasons for chosing friends that are tender of conscience, sympathetic and loyal. You should have great friends if you Choose Ones that Cry.

Taking thoughts from the old beloved gospel song, I Come to the Garden Alone, I show how we can enjoy walking and talking with the Lord day-by-day, and how the heroine of my novel has exactly that lifestyle. You'll LOVE it!

Mentoring writers and Titus 2 women in the spiritual disciplines have become important goals for me since reviewing a book, called, Seeking Wisdom, Preparing Yourself to be Mentored. Does a Merea Mentor?

Thinking about our Canadian Thanksgiving triggered thoughts and questions about who and what we are to be gratfeful to and for; to have a Deeper Thanksgiving Dimension.

A Dream House for Mom - after she spent many years sketching and planning and dreaming it, my mother finally got the house of her dreams and was able to enjoy it to her death; lessons learned from her persistence.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of my very traumatic move from London, Ontario, to Hague, Saskatchewan, to care for my parents. That was when God sang a comforting song to me, "Emmanuel, God with Us!".

What can you do when someone deeply disappoints you? Perhaps even God doesn't come through on what you were sure was His plan for your life. Is Your Faith Shook Up?

If you have ever experienced Floating on Friends' Prayers, you know it feels like walking on water, right?

You CAN live on a zero income - trusting God to provide - I speak from personal experience. A Frugal Life of Faith.

I tell the story of the fun in fundraising event I was involved with recently, with thecyclingconnection. But I never touched a bike!

Do you have very little time; let's get a fresh perspective of it's value. Respect your time and Give Your Time, as A Gift.

Everybody has thoughts and opinions on the war in Iraq - I've held back, but here's my attempt to see it from God's perspective.God's Big Picture (of the War).

My God knows the plot of my life, and He is plotting to get me through these impossibilities to a satisfying resolution of all my problems.God is an Author Too.

How do you sort and categorize your friendships? Are you intentional about nurturing them? My thoughts on degrees of friendship, and the privileges we may take at each level. Grading Friendships.

A Valentine's message with a focus on the things that can destroy our spirit - our heart, and how to guard it. Guard Your Heart.

8 Steps to pretty well guarantee you a successful Spiritual Retreat with the One who cares most about the details of your work and future.

My stories of timely Highway Rescues and solutions when stranded on the highway with car trouble, both recently and over the years.

Some guidelines for How to Really Enjoy a Family Reunion even if you've said that you don't "do" reunions.

Some does and don'ts for when you feel you must confront a friend. How to Rebuke a Friend.

A study of the men the heroine fights off in the novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses, in preparation for giving her a perfect romance in the sequel, taking into account Idealists Looking for Romance.

Encouraging thoughts and counsel for those who have been disapppointed at Christmas in the past, and really don't expect to enjoy it this year. If Christmas is Rotten...

If You Hear I've Disappeared..., here are a few facts I want you to have on hand to review.

A quiz about some symbols we find in nature and history to Illustrating the Resurrection (quiz) of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Imagination is a gift from God, that we don't always recognize or know how to use wisely; we treat it like a pretty stone in our pocket. At least I did for some years. Imagination, My Ruby in My Pocket.

Advice for those of us who have to Make an Effort to Honour our Mothers, particularly if they have died.

Too broke to go shopping for Christmas gifts? Here's where I spill a bag full of ideas for making your gifts practically for free with found things around your house. Making Gifts for Free.

I remember my very first paid vacation, when I took Mom along to B.C. and she enjoyed it in good health, (something rare for her), right to the last of Mom's Yellow Plums.

I started making greeting cards; what keeps me trying for that Elusive-Perfect Greeting Card design.

A small crisis over missing daily mail, and how God protected and preserved it until I solved My Mailbox Mystery.

It doesn't take me long to say what My Mother's Fine Gift was -- in a word, DETERMINATION!

My secret for getting lots of books and magazines read no matter how busy my life gets is My Secret Reading Room.

Tips to prepare, or Prime Yourself for a Mentor, and for approaching someone you admire and respect to be your mentor.

Using a recent reunion as a springboard, I'm daydreaming here of how I would put together a family reunion, kept simple and very low-cost. Reunions-R-EZee

A look at the meaning of my name, and how I learned from my mother to make it one others would admire, and how I finally realized I have The Right Name for Me.

Last week I saw my Aunt Helen off on the Glory Train she has so long desired to board for Heaven; here is the story, Seeing Aunt Helen off on the Glory Train.

Remincing about spring and Easter in my childhood, and sharing the hope that crocuses mean to me in a poem, written in 1996, entitled, Show Me a Crocus, Please!.

A sympathetic look at the tragedies that affect each of us, and are as big to us, as the Tsunami is to the peoples of Asia on December 26, 2004, and the one common Solution for Your Tsunami to all these troubles.

Oh what a delightful, multi-faceted thing my mind is! Sometimes a gamboling lamb, sometimes a running dog, and sometimes a jewelry, or a filmmaker. Sometimes My Mind is....

From personal experience I know what it's like to need a truly be Standin' in the Need of a Friend - reliable, understanding Friend like I've found!

A confessional article showing how my conscience would not let me keep my Stolen Roses - even when many others have no qualms.

Just in case you've never had Symptoms of Spring Fever, here are the signs to watch for when winter seems long enough.

You can speak to your inner self, or whatever is bother you. Simply Tell Your Troubles This--. Explain to yourself, what you believe in no uncertain terms. You'll be surprised at your body and soul's cooperativeness.

My mother's illnesses through my growing up years means that I have mixed feelings about Mother's Day celebrations, however That Voice in The Garden compensates for what I missed, and you may go hear that voice too.

A basic lesson in the trinity God made us to be, spirit, soul and body - with the functions of The Three of Us - a Lesson in the Trinity.

Even if you can't get all your Christmas shopping done by November, like my friend Katherine, by careful planning and preparation, you too, may appear Too Eager for Christmas by doing most of it homemade.

Learn to Use Get-Acquainted Questions when you meet someone new, to turn a new acquaintance into a friend.

The Value of Simplicity - a guest article by Nancy Roebke of Profnet.org.

God does show us visions of what He'd like to accomplish through us, but often we clutch them possessively and turn them into our pet fantasies. So what's the difference? Visions vs. Fantasies.

God answered my desire and prayer to get out of debt and stop using my credit cards by hiding them on me, more than once. When God Hid My Credit Cards.

My friendly but heart-felt plea for the reader to take seriously a position of an influential aunt or uncle - we all Ought'a Have an Aunt!

A story of Emperor Ivan of Russia testing his people to see who would be kind to a ragged beggar, then he rewarded them. Jesus is our King in Disquise too!

Do you know where your Secret Golden Key is? Have you lost it, or put it away so well you've forgotten where you keep it? Do you even remember what it looks like?

Series on Depression:

First in a series of articles on depression from a spiritual perspective, showing different emotions that are sometimes mistaken for depression. We need to ask first, Are You Sure You're Depressed?

2. How to Cheer Yourself Up when depression or blue moods come from external causes like weather, messy surroundings, and sad stories.

3. a simple 3D Test on your Goals and to-do lists that will make them more realistic and managable.

4. Looking Through God's Lenses at Depression.


The Bible says to avoid people who are angry, but if you have the stamina, here's some ways you can help an angry co-worker or group member to overcome their problem in Angry Allies.

6. Your Depression Pit - UP Rope-Ladder.

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