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Introducing Ruthe's Secret Roses
by Ruth Marlene Friesen

3 copies of novel; Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe, just graduating from high school in the early 1970s in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, commutes to the city of Saskatoon as a telephone operator. BUT in her off hours, she gets involved in the lives of people who are abused, hurting, bereaved, dying and spiritually hungry. She is afraid to tell her Mennonite family back home for reasons of her own, and this leads her to live a double life. You know the pressures build. Sooner or later she has to take some of the advice she gives others, for she gets into serious trouble.

This Book is available as a paperback and is available in two e-book formats.

In fact, you can begin reading Ruthe's Secret Roses immediately!

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YOU will love Ruthe's Secret Roses if you like:

Walking and Talking with God
The old old hymn, I Come to the Garden Alone, is Ruthe's favourite and a good anology for how she walks and talks with her Lord, even when wrestling with her own fears and hang-ups.

If you long to get closer to Jesus, and to learn how to pray and share your faith so that others are dramatically converted, you will love this book. When Ruthe prays, you will learn to pray. You will also learn from her stumbles.

Compassion and Conversion
If you have ever thought you ought to help others trust in God, but didn't know how to start - you will be able to follow Ruthe around and pick up her compassion as she initiates dramatic conversions.

A Bleeding, Caring Heart
Are you from a dysfunctional family? One that is far from ideal? Maybe you are lonely, abused, unloved, or bereaved, and spiritually hungry? Hey, you are going to feel Ruthe's love oozing all over you! Her heart bleeds for you!

A Caregiving Oldest Sister
If you are an oldest daughter or sister, and find yourself the key caregiver in your family, you will really identify well with Ruthe and with her friend, June. Also with young Joy, who escaped from a .... oops! I don't want to give away all the adventures!

Designing and Make-overs
If you are the creative type, and love sewing designer clothes, planning dream homes, or home make-overs, you've got treats in store for you in Ruthe's Secret Roses too. There's people make-overs, wardrobe transformations, a bad teacher turned into an excellent one, a dream home built.

In this novel transformations are not only allowed, but encouraged and pumped. There are a couple of special places where these become THE business!

Giving Gifts and Surprises
Got a heart of gold? Ready to give away the blouse - oops, the jacket off your back? Ruthe loves to give gifts and surprises too! But guess what; it's the givers who receive generous gifts as well, isn't it? So you'll be tickled at the wonderful and very original gifts Ruthe gives, and gets.

Making Work Juggle Right for You
How does Ruthe fit all this into one life? The answer is that she is a telephone operator and uses her shift work to confuse people. They can't keep up with her hours, so she appears to be coming and going all the time. Fortunately she is a very self-disciplined young woman in that Rambler.

Yes, I'd like to read this book!

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Your book was a pleasure to read. I loved all the transformations; the physical makeovers, the home decorating, and best of all, the total heart conversions. All are made possible by an unassuming young Mennonite woman who trusts God to lead her and work through her.

There aren't many books written about the Mennonite way of life; particularly having them associating with other faiths, and sharing their faith.
(Kathy Wollf - First Reader)

I love it! Your style of writing is excellent, especially the way you build interest and keep me wanting to read faster and faster. What a wonderful story :-)
(Connie Lepovosky, Typesetter).

Wow! This little lady gets around doesn't she! The style is unique, not your typical bookstore novel. I like the "stream of consciousness" effect as we see into her thoughts and she talks to her Companion about everything.
(Internet friend, Rose Clarke)

The book was a surprise to me in that when I first started the book, and so many things happened to Ruth at such a fast pace, I did have trouble getting my head around the 'reality' of it all.

However, once I got into it I was soon intrigued by the events that happened. After all - so many other secular fictional stories expect us to believe the impossible - why should a Christian book not do the same, and possibly inspire us since we believe in the God of the impossible?!

What surprised me is how I was soon able to keep pace with the events that happened to Ruthe, though I had to think a moment or two 'who was who' from time to time.
( Sharon Richardson, Scotland)

You've heard of power naps at work, right? You rise refreshed, bright and alert. Take a break to refresh your spirit with a good inspirational story.

Wish you could have a heart-to-heart talk with God?

Ruthe does. All the time, where ever she goes, she's having a running conversation with the one she calls Lord, or my Best Friend. You've got to meet Ruthe! AND her Secret Roses.

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Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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