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Creative Problem-Solving
Resources and Gifts

This is the index to all sorts of creative, problem-solving resources and gifts I'd like to offer to you, (besides my novel), that I've gathered or created, and am willing to share with you!

First of all, I'd love to place into your hands a printed softcover copy of my novel, but that is rather difficult to do. So I will give you some links and leave it to you to buy - if you wish - either the softcover, or the more lower-priced eBook edition.

Find out a lot more about this novel here: Ruthe's Secret Roses. There you can buy the eBook edition and be reading it very shortly. (As soon as I am notified of your purchase, I'll send you the download link). You may also take the link to the site, to order the softcover from the USA.

I have an article right here on Creative Thinking and Problem Solving which introduces you to one of the key aspects of the heroine's character. Ruthe definitely thinks creatively and is amazing at solving problems!

I'm offering various Resources and Gifts for you here. Feel free to browse through the links on this page.

Free Article Stash!

I've built up a Library of Articles from which you may read as you wish, including some on a bunch of Tips for those fairly New-to-Net. IF you should wish to publish them in your newsletter or website, please contact me first for permission, and instructions about how to give me the proper credit.

PDF eBooks in My Sharing Library

Furthermore, there are PDF eBooks in the Sharing Library - for sale, - and some for free downloads. The best way to be notified of the free ebook downloads, is to subscribe to my weekly RoseBouquet (mailing list). (See bottom of this page for the subscribing link.) Sometimes that is the only way to discover them. Usually they will be offered to my subscribers first, before they go for sale.

More eBooks are to be added or announced throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond!


Here is a lovely powerpoint with beautiful photos of Canada. This freebie has been offered on this site for a number of years, and still gets downloaded a lot!

Look at gorgeous photos of my country, OhCanada! (if your computer lets you open power points in your browser). If not, then download THIS ZIPPED FILE first for speed, and unzip to see it on your computer.

LOOK! I just found one I like even better with the loveliest raindrops that become mirrors of whatever is near them! In this case you need to tap your space bar every time you want to go on to the next slide. Rain_Drops.pps! Consider these my gifts to YOU!

Places Online To Make Money in a FREE & SAFE Way

Do you desire to make money online in a SAFE way, but not sure where to start? No funds either?

Then I suggest you Come Tour some Online Businesses in my Scavenger Hunt!

But before you rush ahead to sign up for any of those Programs, I recommend that you check out this place to learn the best methods and tips for marketing online. Please read this page: SAFE & FREE ways to make money.

Of course, if you tell your family and friends about your desire and plans to make money online, it won't be long until they start to ask, either in a mocking, or bellegerant way, "Are you making any money yet?" How should you answer them?

Well, I've pondered that question considerably and have some possible answers for you to share with them. Prepare yourself by reading this page: How to Answer - "Are you making money yet?"

Craft/Gift Ideas

Creative Christmas Cards that I have made in the past. Also, Custom-Business Christmas Cards

Until recently I thought I was rather rare in that I am always thinking about transformed lives, with damaged emotions miraculously healed, or turned into a beautiful gemstone. I now discover that lots of people like make-over stories! (Just try to guess how many make- overs happen in my novel!) Hey, this loosens my tongue. I will now talk about these things without holding back!

There are so many directions we can go with this!

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