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Welcome to my Friendship Garden!

The Kind of Friends I Attract

Give ME a Friend! -answering the cry of a Lonely Heart.

Help Somebody Today- the old song.

Let Dad be Dad, and God My Heavenly Father

Comparing Friends to Roses

One Ideal, Real Friend

An Older Sister's Coping Secret

Remembering Dear Louise Friesen

The Four Types and Stages of Friendship

Special Open Letters

Letter to Jane on Health and Healing

Letter to Younger Relatives in the Extended Family

Letter to Ellen - re: Bad Friendship Habits

Friendships in the Bible

(practical lessons for our friendships)
Friendship with God in the Cool of the Evening

Enoch Walked With God

Abraham, the Friend of God

Isaac and Rebekah's Romantic Friendship

Building a Friendship with an Angry Brother

God and Moses Talked Together as Friends

Samson's False Friends

Ruth's Devotion to Her Friends

David and Prince Jonathan

When the Queen of Sheba Comes Calling

Advice from Young Rebel Friends

Esther's Friendship with Authority Figures

Job's Friends in Calamity

Two Are Better Than One

Daniel and His Friends in Captivity

Jesus, A Friend of Sinners

Paul's Friends in Ministry

This area of this web site used to belong to my weekly ezine, the RoseBouquet, but it has moved to it's own blog sub-domain, and I'm now changing this area to be full of articles and pages on friendship. Since I like the imagary of my friends as various flowers and roses in a lovely garden, this is my RoseBouquet Place.

You will find over time, many articles on friendship and mentoring all indexed here.

There will be sections for those Needing Friends, and those wanting advice on Maintaining Friendships.

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The novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses, is about friendship, intimacy with God, prayer, spiritual and physical make-overs, idealistic romance, and roses so this blog/ezine is about those too. The book compares friends to rare and treasurered roses, so the focus is on friendship with a strong rose motif.

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