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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
intimate with God,
prays a lot,
a bleeding heart for the hurting,
a big sister,
rescues friends,
has creative ideas,
likes to give surprise gifts,
loyal to friends,
dreams of love and marriage,
dreams of writing a book
goes the extra mile

So this site offers;
good books to read!
help to become Friends with Jesus,
The One Ideal Real Friend
a cure for loneliness
An Older Sister's Coping Secret
how to pray Panic Prayers,
& regularly/daily
how to grow in faith
Christian mentoring,
how to share your faith

My Sharing Library with Lots of Resources for You

This ever-expanding Library contains;

Index to ALL my short stories

In case you are asking, Why on Earth, an E-Book? I do have answers.

My Own Articles (Inspirational, New-to-the-Net, Writing, Publishing, Web Design, Business on a Shoestring, and Findings, or Gems from others)

My Christian Book Reviews

A Daily Devotional - by Elizabeth Elliott (changes daily).

A Bible Minute - a one-minute "read" about the Bible (changes daily).

Recommended Daily Devotionals online

A Guide for doing Online Evangelism or, How to be a Friendship Missionary Online

e-Books (free - help yourself!)

A Short Story Writing Game You are welcome to take part - but you need to be subscribed to the RoseBouquet first!

Do You Love Reading?

Like you, and most writers, I've loved to read almost as long as I can remember. Reading and writing are closely tied together. It's like a language, once you learn to understand it, you find yourself speaking it too.

I learned to read and speak English as a second language when I started school, and I often tell the funny story of how my mother prepared me and when I first spoke those prepared answers on my arrival at that one-room country schoolhouse.

By Christmas I was reading books to my younger siblings! I devoured books more than food, and read anything, even a box full of Readers' Digests when Dad was a garbage man. In school, I gobbled up detective series, romances and adventure, even biographies.

As I grew older I became more discriminating, and in a period of deep spiritual searching and growth in the 1970s and early 80s, I began to look for specific books to help me get closer to God. I wanted to understand His ways in my life, and how to get answers to my prayers - consistently. Fortunately, I had a boring receptionist-switchboard operator job for most of those years, and was allowed to read hours on end. The books that came into my hands at that time were the books that shaped me into who and what I am today.

Then, when writing poetry one day, I remembered that I had never thanked my first grade teacher for teaching me to read! So I wrote a poem, I Owe You Gratitude to express how special this skill of reading and writing is to me.


This is collection of my own articles and some gems of excellent quality that I have gathered from others is contantly growing. It covers articles in the areas of;
Inspirational, Helps for the New-to-the-Net, Writing & Publishing, Business on a Shoestring, and Gems from Others, and Web Design.
(Each topic has it's own sub-index on the above links.

You may copy and use these articles, as long as you keep the Resource Box intact.

I also write freelance articles and stories on assignment. If you are an editor and would like one, please use one of the methods on the Contact page to reach me, - or, use the special URL link I've given you by email. Those pages are NOT linked from these public pages. You may, however, wish to browse these articles for a sample of my writing. Feel free and welcome!

Books that I can Highly Recommend

In this Sharing Library are a number of reviews of books I have read and can recommend to you. More are added as I have time. Check the complete index of book reviews here.

Remember, you can always check into my Library and take away as much as you like! It's here for Sharing!

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