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Ruth Marlene Friesen
903 23rd Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7L 0A5

Please note: I work hard all week on the computer, and then I work just as hard on weekends at my domestic duties. This means I often don't see my incoming email on weekends until late Sunday night or on Monday. But I always do my best to catch up on Mondays again. (The Lord did say we should take time to rest and a change is as good as a rest, right?) So if you don't get a quick response from me on a weekend, just relax, I'll get back to you.

By the grace of God, and the power He gives me through His Spirit, I respect others and desire to honour you and do you no harm. This applies whether you are just visiting my site, and reading what you find in these pages, or if you choose to purchase this book, or offer your comments and suggestions, or subscribe to any ezine, list, or program that I might recommend.

To honour and respect you means that you can count on me not to give or sell your email address, or any confidential information about you to anyone for any purposes whatsoever. If you offer compliments or praise, I will always ask you first before I post it for others to see.

If you should ask for my advice, or encouragement about any personal matter at all, rest assured that I only talk it over with the Lord, and no one else.

Blessings and Thanks,

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My RoseBouquet (my pet name for all my dearest friends) and my weekly ezine letter on Tuesdays, is where I share what is currently going on in my life, and I share Tips and Solutions that I have found useful.