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Media Kit for Ruthe's Secret Roses
and the author, Ruth Marlene Friesen


You are invited to use the press releases and information in this Media area for an article in your publication, or to prepare for an author-interview. Background information and book review material is supplied to make your work as simple as possible.

Among your readers, or audience, are many would-be writers, who will be excited to discover that publishing their dream book is possible right now, on the net, for next to nothing. Sometimes all it takes is to motivate them is to watch another person blaze a trail, or set an example.

Use these links to browse material. This media kit contains;

Sell Sheet for Ruthe's Secret Roses

Author Bio- with downloadable photo & book cover

Interview Advisory with sample Q &A sheet

Interview in Mind Like Water Monthly
eBooks Review Weekly - by Wilma Clark
Early Reviews of Readers
Fact Sheet - on Bouquet of Enterprises
& The Lord's Morning Glory Publishing House

Press releases;
New Saskatoon area novelist signing books at Blessings
Broke Caregiver Publishes Novel online and POD
Small Town Girl with Double-life in Saskatoon
Gothic German Translator

Clippings & Sample news article;
Valley area novelist autographed books at Blessings
Hague woman uses Internet resources to share her faith
Broke Caregiver Shows How to Publish on a Shoestring

Preface and 3 Sample chapters of "Ruthe's Secret Roses"
Title Page
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

To download e-book Sampler with Preface, About Author, and first 3 chapters;
Click on Sampler1 (with a multi-floral background)
Or, Sampler2 (with a muted pink roses background)

To request a complete downloadable electronic edition, click on Review copy and fill out the form.

Credits & Links to articles Friesen has published.

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