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You may use the press releases and information in this Media area for an article in your publication, or to prepare for an author-interview. Background information and book review material is supplied to make your work as simple as possible. Please do note that these were prepared when the book first came out. I've updated most of them, but do look them over in case you wish to ask questions.

Among your readers, or audience, are many would-be writers, who will be excited to discover that publishing their dream book is possible right now, on the net, for quite reasonable costs in some cases. Sometimes all it takes to motivate them is to watch another person set an example.

Originally these info documents were all web pages. Now they are PDF files, so they are printer-ready. Feel free to open and print out any that you think you will need. If you want the whole batch of PDF files, go to the bottom of this list, and download the zipped file. (If you are not familiar with PDF files, you will need a PDF reader software in most cases. On a windows system, that means you need Acrobat Reader - but that software may already be on your computer. There are other PDF reader programs online that are free to download and use. Just do a web-browser search).

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