Ruthe's Secret Roses


Ruth Marlene Friesen

Published by ~ The Lord's Morning Glory Publishing House

Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada (Now in Saskatoon)
Febuary 2022

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ISBN 1-59113-067-0

First produced as a digital (.exe) book January 2001
Also in .PDF format - August 2001
1st Print edition - February 2002


This story is written for, and with the great encouragement and help of my very best, dearest Friend and Confidante, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Writers on writing often say that one writes best at what one knows best, so I have created a main character who shares many of my own interests and traits. In fact, I reached a point where I stopped trying to please all other categories and wrote a book to appeal to my own tastes. Aside from the Lord Jesus, and chunks of myself, it is filled with characters that are figments of my imagination, but have become quite real to me. I borrowed traits from people I know as seemed useful to this story. They are in no way accurate or complete portraits of them. Otherwise, all the characters, events and circumstances described are totally fictitious. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Story Summary

Caring, imaginative, Ruthe supports her family as a telephone operator, using her free time to rescue others from evil but dares not tell her prairie hometown Mennonite family. Trapped by her deception, Ruthe must find a creative solution for her own torment.

Wish a miracle-working angel would rescue you from your family problems? Wouldn't a friend be great who knows what to say or do in every crisis? Ruthe is that kind of miracle-working friend. But having so many friends creates a few problems for her, especially since she doesn't want her family back in her prairie Mennonite hometown to know about her wonderful city friends.

How can Ruthe be totally devoted to Christ, winning friends, and helping them to live holy lives, and to be so blind to her own short-comings? Watch as her deception and double-life sets a trap for Ruthe, and the creative way she finally deals with it.

(c) 2001 Ruth Marlene Friesen

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Ruth Marlene Friesen
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