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#1046 vol.23  September 19, 2023

Welcome Friends

At My Place: My Front Porch Plant Sale

Saturday before this last one, I ran a small plant sale near the sidewalk in front of my lawn. I only sold 3 plants but then I had not really advertised it so it was strictly for passersby.

the sidewalk in front of my lawn. I only sold 3 plants but then I had not really advertised it so it was strictly for passersby.

But my big pots with the large aloe vera plants have had lots of babies and I've already pulled many of those baby plants and potted them into painted 1 liter yogurt tubs. I'm not quite finished, but hope to get more potted today and tomorrow.

I want to put up posters on the power poles at the street intersections around this block, also a mention on Facebook, and maybe even a printed ad in the local paper's weekly wrapper around the wad of store fliers we get each Wed/Thursday. I will mostly keep the plants in my front porch, although some days I may lug the bigger plants out on the steps, and even on the walk leading to my door.

Baring any over-night frosts, I think I can maintain this on- going sale until the end of the month.

The truth is that when I re-pot the baby aloe vera plants I run out of space in front of my windows to keep the plants for the winter.

It occurred to me yesterday that I should prepare a little business card, or small poster with a link to my aloe vera website, where I have articles on how to care for the plants and stories of how they have healed, me, my Dad, and others. I'll hand those out to anyone who comes by to have a look.

I'll give up some of my largest aloe vera plants, and for every one who buys one, I will let them have one - maybe two of the newly re-potted baby aloe vera plants. If they thrive for the new owners as they do for me, by next year this time they will want to transplant those aloe vera into larger pots too, and find pots for the babies!

(In fact, I may give away the babies I don't have the pots to plant - by the hands full!)

So... if you are within driving distance, feel free to drop by this week and next week to get some wonderful healing plants. (Email me if you need my address).

Once I get some of my Sansevieria zeylanica (aka snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue) separated into new pots - they will be for sale too. This plant is well known to help you sleep if you have one in your bedroom. In my case they grow taller than my window frames allow and I don't have any room to park them on the floor!

Oh. FREE slips of Christmas cactus too!

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What's New: Free eBook for RoseBouquet Subscribers!

Yes, I've got it set up now! In fact, it was easier than I'd first thought.

I've just finished formatting one eBook that I started writing five years ago, but have been proof-reading, formatting and re- formatting a number of times this summer, and it is ready now to go on sale. (Mind you I still have to write the sales page in my Bouquet's Books Shop). This will be the first eBook that I offer to YOU, my subscribers to the RoseBouquet!

It is my devotional study of the book of Matthew, in the New Testament, especially the words of Jesus, and I sought what I could learn to apply in my life. In the end I realized that the theme was simply, "Jesus is - My King." So that is the title.

It has 161 pages and each page is an easy-to-read devotional thoughts as I considered and responded to what I learned from Jesus' own words. I used to use such books written by others, then I got to the place where I thought I should be more original and write my own. I have drafted up a number of such devotional books, but they need to be polished up and formatted in an attractive way. So they won't all be available at once.

In a way, I'm hoping I can offer a new eBook for FREE to you my RoseBouquet subscribers - say, every 3 to 4 weeks. But that is not written in stone. I may have trouble keeping up with that pace. So we may slip later to a pace of every six weeks to every two months.

Now: How can you get this eBook into your hands?

Well, I don't want all kinds of others to get access, so I've put it into a password guarded folder on my website. (If I gave you the link here hackers would be able find it in the online edition of the RoseBouquet and they would have a hay-day throwing their hacking software at it in an effort to discover the password. (There are some other ways they could find out where it is...but I don't want to give them any ideas!)

So to get this free PDF ebook, which of course, you can right- click on the file name, and hit "save as" and presto it is downloaded to your computer or electronic device... FIRST, you must email me and ASK for the link and the password. I will respond in a private email with that info.

If you should have any problems getting it, do let me know and I'll walk you through the steps very slowly.

I want to ask you one favour. IF you want others to read this ebook as well, do not pass on the file, or the link/password. Instead, send them to my subscribe link and tell them they must subscribe to the RoseBouquet. Then they may request it.

Do you see the 3 links between the two lines right under this article? The last/or third link is the one to give them so that they may subscribe.

You may need to remind them that to complete the process they will need to click a confirmation link in an email that will arrive very shortly after they hit the Subscribe button. They are not subscribers until they confirm that they made the request and I have the 'correct' email for them. This also prevents others from subscribing others as a joke or to make them angry. Because - naturally, they would not confirm the subscription, if they had NOT asked for it.

Oh, and I'm not going to insist on a friendly review when you have read the book, but I will be grateful for such comments, as I can then quote them in my Sales page for that book!



Clear up Mold on Top of the Potted Plant Soil

Yes, I have found this problem on some of my potted plants. It seems to come from the peat moss that I mixed with the soil. Apparently, mold can appear when the peat gets too wet. So I did some research on line and discovered that there are a number of simple remedies.

Get an empty spray bottle.
Fill it mostly with clean water.
Add up to 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar to the water. (I used 1 1/2 tablespoons of each)

(Baking soda is third option, but I have not tried that one.)

Then spray the soil surface where you see the whitish/gray furry spots. Do this about twice a day for a few days, and that clears it up.

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