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#1068 vol.23 - February 20, 2024

Welcome Friends

At My Place: Sunshine After the Storm

After a week or two of spring-like weather we had a winter storm stir up on Sunday evening, and it roared across our province yesterday, with at least a foot deep of fresh snow, and double-digit temperatures in the minus zone, going down to -40 C in the northern parts of Saskatchewan! The radio stations warned of strong winds too; people were encouraged to stay home if at all possible.

But this morning the sun is shining brightly - almost as if laughing at us. It is still -25C outside my house, so I'm quite happy that I don't have any appointments to go anywhere this week. I can stay inside and get things done.

In fact, I'm rejoicing that I feel much better than I had for several weeks and have quite a cheerful mood.

Now, I can chalk that up to several possible answers. I have good friends praying for me, I've got those medical tests all behind me. I hope.

My new doctor said he would be away last week for vacation, so he could call any time this week with the results of my tests, but I have no aches or pains these days, my appetite has picked up, and I feel like I have new motivation from the Prayer magazines that a church friend loaned me. I feel like I am praying with fresh vigour and enthusiasm or faith.

Sunny days don't always last forever, but we should rejoice in them when we have them, and trust that the sunshine in our spirit or soul will continue even if/when clouds roll in.

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What's New: Learning Marketing

A friend phoned last evening and asked what I was doing. I said, "I'm learning marketing."

She asked, "That's to do with numbers?"

I explained that it was to an extent, but my purpose was to make money online. (I lost her, so she changed the subject.)

I did promise the Lord in my Prayer & Planning week at the end of December that I would make time - at lease one evening a week to learn how to market my eCommerce sites. That is to be on Thursday nights, however, I have 3 cameras that don't work, and had ordered one online, which didn't make delivery all day yesterday, so I decided to give my Monday night to more of my research on free marketing methods.

I've been watching YouTube videos on this (and there are 100s!) and making notes. I will soon have to narrow down the ideas I think I can work with. Some ideas are not right for me, but it does seem there is hope that I'll be able to use two or three ideas to start with. - Hey, I may even end up with a YouTube channel of my own!

I have made some exciting discoveries. Selling ebooks is one of the best and easiest ways to make money. YouTube has lots of testimonies to this effect. But their methods are not all the same. It is NOT wise to try them all at once. So I need to weight and pray over them, and make careful decisions.

Last night I got the impression that I might also sell the diecast models, perhaps by Pinterest pins. (Something I had learned to make year before last). I want to look into this as I can't tell yet how much work that might be. Remember, I have about 200 models on the site already, but the ultimate number may be 2000!

Landing pages that give a freebie for an email address may be a simple way, except...that I think advertising must be used to get people to the landing pages. Another method to research and to carefully consider the pros and cons. ADS cost!

Providing interesting content on social media platforms is highly recommended. But that seems to require a daily time commitment. My daily agendas are already quite full.... how dare I take up that plan?

If you are still praying for me, ask for much wisdom and good sense in this research and the decisions I need to make.



Removing Label Glue from Bottles

I like to reuse vitamin bottles for seeds and herbs that I harvest, but have long been frustrated that after I had soaked and peeled off most of the label, there was still a sticky layer of glue adhering to the bottles which picked up dirt, or even the bottle next to it. Finally, I figured it was time I go do some research on line.

It seems the best advise is to half fill a large soup pot with water and vinegar and some dish detergent. Put the jars into the pot and let simmer as the water heats up, wait 15 to 20 minutes, then lift the jars out with a tong.

The labels should fall off, or it should now be possible to scrub them off with a scouring paid.

P.S. I was discarding or giving away many of my glass jars until recently I learned that food stored in containers of plastic will absorb some of the plastic particles and can give us a kind of dementia that is a new level of diabetic troubles. So now I try to salvage and reuse glass jars.

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