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#944 vol.21 September 21, 2021

Welcome Friends

At My Place: Quick Harvest Before Frost!

As I mentioned last week, it is the time of year that we bring in as much as we can harvest - from the fields if we are farmers - from the garden, if we are gardeners.

I was paying attention to weather forecasts to be on guard for when there might be a frost overnight. That happened on Thursday.

So after supper I went out and worked hard to bring in all the tomatoes, green or not, the last few cucumbers, and all 12 of my watermelons! Oh, and the two pumpkins left in the patch.

Then I realized that my aloe vera plants in the front porch would freeze, so I spread newspapers and flyers just inside the inner door and in front of my desks. 16 good-sized plants and the hanging impatiens from outside the front door.

It was interesting to look around in the garden the next day and see that the sunflowers seemed to have survived the best. Their leaves hung down limp, but the flowers were still sunny and looking up at the sun. Most of the rest of the plants had turned grey, brittle in the leaves, or limp. Same thing with the Zinnia leaves. Most of the flowers are still facing upward, but some are hanging their heads. I snipped off still more of those dead flowers to harvest the seeds out of them for next year.

The beets, being underground, are okay. But that is the only crop left to bring in yet. About 2 buckets full.

As for the aloe vera... I rescued the in time and the night time temperatures have been above zero since Thursday but I don't know how long until the next time, so I need to prepare for my aloe vera plant sale real soon, as I don't want to keep lugging them in and then out again.

Oh, and guess what. I tried a small watermelon on Saturday for lunch, and it was nice and sweet. I had another one yesterday. YES! Really sweet and delicious!

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What's New: Finding Photos of Trevor

I went on a hunt skimming through 2 bins and some photo albums for photos of Trevor that I could share today. That has really cut back my time to spend here, so I had to set that aside. I did find one of when he was about two and we were all home at Mom & Dad's for our sister Elsie's wedding in 1977. So I'll show you that one here.

Trevor at age 2 with his Dad, Ernie on the swing at Mom and Dad's

There is also one of him as manager of the Peterbilt plant in Delta on their website. I think it would be okay to copy that and share it here.

Trevor Friesen as manager at Peterbilt in Delta, BC

Other than, my news so far is that his funeral will be conducted in the Ross Road Mennonite Church in Surrey, BC., on Friday afternoon. However, due to COVID restrictions they can only accommodate 200 people and since so many knew him and would like to be there, Joanne has decided this will be by invitation only. However there will be a live-stream for those of us who can't make it there.

I heard that my brother Ernie and his wife are starting their drive out towards BC today. They want to go via Edmonton to pick up Ernie's daughter Beth. (Her husband and children will come later just in time for the funeral). But that makes me think they almost have to come up through Saskatoon to get to Edmonton. They have not called to say they will be stopping in to say "Hi" to me, but I'm sort'a expecting that may happen this afternoon. It takes about 10 hours of driving from Winnipeg to Saskatoon. Knowing that Ernie likes to start out very early for long trips, I do rather expect they may just pop by for a few minutes. It is another 6 hours drive from here to Edmonton.

I have not found his obituary online yet, but they may save that for the funeral service.

I may have more to share next week.


Stopping Notifcations
on Your Smart Phone

Last week, subscriber Robin, wrote to answer this question I had raised:

Now, if someone would tell me how to stop all notifications for good on my cell phone, so I can use it as a camera. It's crazy how those notifications fill the screen - just when I'm about to take a photo. Or a video! Grr-rr-r!

It is so easy it made me blush. I had never really understood what Airplane Mode is about. But he informed me that this would stop all transmissions to and from the smart phone, so I can take photos in peace.

Now I did discover on Sunday that when I went to Facebook on my desktop my Messenger was blank. Totally silent. Then it occurred to me that maybe the Airplane Mode had turned off all outgoing messages from the Messenger feature for all my devices. I went back to my phone and turned off Airplane mode and then a few minutes later, I could access Messenger again.

Well! Live n' learn!


P.S. Due to relentless efforts to hack into the blog, I have deleted it and move my weekly posts to this Department on my novel's site, which is all about my Friends being my Roses or RoseBouquet, and has been from the beginning, in 2001.
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