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At My Place

November 2022

Camera Trials!! Beautiful Blooms Must Wait

Planning for Christmas

Supreme - or NOT?

Snow Shovelling has Started

My Upside-Down Tuesday

October 2022

Our First Snowfall on Sunday

Preparations for a Change of Seaons

Thanksgiving Feast on Sunday

Recovering My Health

September 2022

The Pros and Cons of a Super Duper Head Cold

Waiting for People to Buy my Aloe Vera Plants

A Virtual Tour of my Garden

Getting Ready for a Plant Sale

August 2022

Shifting Into Fall Activities

A Hanging Branch on the Wires

My Garden Visitors & a Small Miracle

Tidying Up for a Garden-Viewing

Sunday at Bird's Hill Park

July 2022

A Very Full Saturday Celebration

Home Again!

Cramming My Lists - Before this Weekend

Air Travel a Gumbo Soup?

See How My Garden Begins to Grow!

June 2022

Working Over my Flowerbeds

Photos of My Seeding Helpers

Many Hands Make Work Lighter & More Fun

Gateway to Joy

May 2022

Weeding My Garden - Ready for Tilling

How to Give Your Problems Away

Getting My Garden Ready

Problem Solving

April 2022

A Mess of Photos

A Quiet Easter & Monday Surprise.

I'm Into Short Stories Right Now

Revamping My Sharing Library

The Fridge Saga's Happy Ending

March 2022

The Fridge Doctor Says

Gary's Laptop

God Understands Software and all Tech Stuff!

A Hilarious Wedding in Scotland

February 2022

Our Weather, or a Hilarious Wedding?

How was Your Valentine's Day?

When Our Agenda Gets Shattered

Today is Chinese New Year

January 2022

A Friend is Dying

Winter is Back; But I'm Safe

Winter's Gone for a Few Days' Break

Shall We Compare Notes?

December 2021

My Christmas Letter Effects

Another Car Crisis!

Car Door Frozen SHUT!!

How My Bones Surprised Me!

November 2021

First Christmas Cactus Blooms

The Quiet Before the Storm

Aunt Jessie is 102 Today!

Will a Generous Person Prosper?

Into Fall (Seasonal) Cooking

October 2021

Post Thanksgiving

5 Single Friends for Thanksgiving Supper

My 24 Hour Holiday

Discombobulated This Morning

September 2021

Quick Harvest Before Frost

Fall Cleanup

Want my "End of Summer" Letter?

Changes - Some Seasonal - Some Not

August 2021

My 4th Book Nearly Ready

Preparing Video Studio Corners

My Noah Message

A Birthday Party on Short Notice

Sort'a Fixin' for Company

July 2021

A Quick Garden Tour

Day-Trip to Moose Jaw

Container Flowers by an Idealist

Preparing for a Day-Trip Soon

June 2021

A Flurry of Activities

Finishing Old Business for Tom

My Garden Proper is Seeded

Morning Tea in the Sunshine.

The Garden After a Rainy Day

May 2021

How my GOOD Father Cares for ME!

Weighing Pros and Cons for a Decision

What the Deacons Did for Me

Gearing Up for Gardening

April 2021

A Sacrifice Poured Out

Doing Income Taxes

My First Ever Easter Lily!

Bringing Down a Twin of the Elms

March 2021

Introducing You to My New Computer!

Off the Hook!

Hosting/Managing a Zoom Book Launch

Updating the GRANDMA Database

The Car Battery Story

February 2021

Coping with the COLD - Brrr!

My Freezer Dead & Resurrected

What a Surprise in the Mail!

When Our Agendas Get Interrupted

January 2021

Would You Like my Exercise Bike?

The Mouse War as Good as Won!

Glimpse Into My Past

What December 1st Means

An Angel Named Ike

Christmas Mail Time

What's New

Most recent at the top here.

November 2022

Good eCommerce News

Inviting Volunteer Proof-Readers

What are you Worth?

Buckling Down to Business

Changing Halloween Traditions

October 2022

What About Aloe Vera Plant Sale

How to Care for Aloe Vera Plants

See my Alley Sunflowers!

Come, See my eBooks Shop

September 2022

New Lessons in eCommerce

All for Want of Yellow Toner

Reporting on Two Special Days Last Week

Two Special Days This Week

August 2022

A Crash Course in Copywriting

Now I'm Cookin' on My eCommerce Site

Finally, Ready to Hire Tech Help

Back to Login Problems with my Shopping Cart site

My Birthday this Year

Garden-Viewing Party Still Unsettled

July 2022

Planning a Garden Viewing Party

Learning eCommerce, a Long Steep Climb

More Garden Talk? Or Online Business Issues?

Gearing Up for Reunion Weekend

June 2022

Family Reunion in Winnipeg in July

Visit with my Brother and Sister-in-law

Answers to Prayer

The Current State of eBook Publishing

May 2022

Scrambled Prayer Request

Life on Films

My Interest in Pinterest

Show and Tell

April 2022

Gardening Dreams

Learning About Pinterest

Under the Angel's Skirt

Symptoms of Spring Fever

March 2022

Victory Over Phone Scammers

Rediscovering my Great Cache of Articles

Signs of an Early Spring

Solution to Robo Calls and Scammers on the Phone

Wars with the Hackers

February 2022

My Shopping Cart Saga

Revisiting My Novel

The Lord Knows My Budget

Do You Have Snow Angels too?

January 2022


Online Challenges Can Be Discouraging - or Fun

Victory Over the Shopping Cart

Looking Forward into 2022

December 2021

Christmas Day Plans

My Christmas Mail Crowds Out the Rest

Trying to Decide on Christmas Plan

A Gift Increased my Pantry Greenhouse

November 2021

Learning to Set up an Online Shopping Cart

My Hunt for Boots

New to Me Fridge

Indoor Changes and a Car

My New Project Plans

October 2021

Progress with Websites

The Plant Sale That Flopped

Some Recent WINS!

Live-Stream Funeral and eBooks Now for Sale

September 2021

Finding Photos of Trevor

My Nephew's Accidental Death

24 Hour Answer to Prayer

Praying about a Hole in the Alley

August 2021

My Gas Line WAS moved!

My Gas Line to Be Moved

Sunday Afternoon Guests

Mid-summer Garden Tour

One Sister May Move Closer to Me

July 2021

Bits of Personal News

Picking Saskatoons Soon

A Day Trip on Sunday to Moose Jaw

This Heat Wave

June 2021

My Batch of e-Books - Ready for Sale - Soon (I Hope!)

My 2nd Vaccine Next Tuesday

Trying to Get My Second Vaccine

New Berry Plants

My Homemade Pizza

May 2021

A Dogged Persistance - Like Mom's

Garden and Yard Projects

Disciplining the Inner Life

Dividing My Life into Compartments

April 2021

Another OUCH!

Separating the Living from the Dead

The Value of our Family's Stories

My First Vaccine Shot

March 2021

Re-thinking My Business Priorities

A NEW Computer!

Feeding the Database & Spring Weather

Good Weather News

Chinese New Year Food

February 2021

Rebuilding A Godly Inheritance

100 Days to the March for Life in Canada!

Mail is Ready But Way TOO COLD OUT!

How to Be a Power Shopper

January 2021

Rebuilding Sites Progress

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P.S. Due to relentless efforts to hack into the blog, I have deleted it and move my weekly posts to this Department on my novel's site, which is all about my Friends being my Roses or RoseBouquet, and has been from the beginning, in 2001.
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