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At My Place

Christmas Mail Time

An Angel Named Ike

What December 1st Means

Glimpse Into My Past

The Mouse War as Good as Won!

Would You Like my Exercise Bike?

When Our Agendas Get Interrupted

What a Surprise in the Mail!

My Freezer Dead & Resurrected

Coping with the COLD - Brrr!

The Car Battery Story

Updating the GRANDMA Database

Hosting/Managing a Zoom Book Launch

Off the Hook!

Introducing You to My New Computer!

Bringing Down a Twin of the Elms

My First Ever Easter Lily!

Doing Income Taxes

A Sacrifice Poured Out

Gearing Up for Gardening

What the Deacons Did for Me

Weighing Pros and Cons for a Decision

How my GOOD Father Cares for ME!

The Garden After a Rainy Day

Morning Tea in the Sunshine.

What's New

Rebuilding Sites Progress

How to Be a Power Shopper

Mail is Ready But Way TOO COLD OUT!

100 Days to the March for Life in Canada!

Rebuilding A Godly Inheritance

Chinese New Year Food

Good Weather News

Feeding the Database & Spring Weather

A NEW Computer!

Re-thinking My Business Priorities

My First Vaccine Shot

The Value of our Family's Stories

Separating the Living from the Dead

Another OUCH!

Dividing My Life into Compartments

Disciplining the Inner Life

Garden and Yard Projects

A Dogged Persistance - Like Mom's

My Homemade Pizza

New Berry Plants

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P.S. Due to relentless efforts to hack into the blog, I have deleted it and move my weekly posts to this Department on my novel's site, which is all about my Friends being my Roses or RoseBouquet, and has been from the beginning, in 2001.
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