At age 12 I dreamed vividly that I would one day write a book that would win many friends to my Best Friend, Jesus Christ. I did not believe my family or friends would think I could ever do it, so for many years I worked at it in secret, sometimes setting it aside in discouragement, and then at His gentle prompting I came back to it. Since I couldn't afford to go to college to learn to write, I told Him that He would have to teach me, and in the many re-writes and by my reading of library books on writing, He did just that. I owe all I am or have become to the patient work of the Lord in me by His dear Spirit. Therefore, I have long ago promised to give away all the profits from this book, and its sequels, as He guides and prompts me. That will be a new adventure, I'm sure, but I look forward to it. My goal is to be a generous giver, like God.

For a number of important years in my life I worked with children's ministries, particularly with girls' clubs. My best rapport was with young teen girls. They often were already whispering secret prayers to God, and hungry to know Him more intimately - exactly what I wanted to teach them out of my life. The crafts and outings were just ways to bring us together more often.

This novel will be like rich, delicious cream to such girls wherever you are.

Naturally, I like to think there are women, and even men, and kids too, who also crave an intimate relationship with the Lord; one where they sense His loving presence, where they may pray conversationally, and see God act in response to their prayers. I hope you'll all read this book and be delightfully affected by Ruthe and her friends.

Anticipating certain questions, let me answer them ahead of time. I have put in some dialogue with the Mennonite Grosz'mama in Low German or Plaut Deutsch language to honour my grandmother and heritage. Playing with written dialogue as I hear it proved to be great fun, for my ears tend to hear such nuances. I hope it does not get in the way of your reading and enjoyment of the story. Just take them phonetically, as the letters sound to you. Do the same with the Low German (Plaut Deutsch) words if you want to try them. Remember, the translations are always in the footnotes.

(c) 2001 Ruth Marlene Friesen

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