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A Letter to Jane*
About Health and Healing

(*name changed)

Dear Jane,
I am honoured that you would trust me enough to share your long list of health problems with me. I have delayed a bit in answering so I could look up some things, and pray about my response. In no time I found plenty of pages full of information to load on for you. Then as I began to pray more, I realized that all that would just overwhelm you. I better step back, look at the bigger picture and talk to you about root problems. From a spiritual perspective.

If you'll allow, I'd like to go over this carefully and thoroughly. Will you stick with me?

You see, Jane, I've learned that just dealing with symptoms and trying out this and that, ends up to be a vicious cycle and the core problem keeps tossing up new symptoms. That approach can help in some little ways, but in the long run you're still always sickly. If you deal with the root problem first, and the symptoms as you can afterwards, you are far more likely to see lasting results.

My first impression on looking over your list of symptoms and health complaints is, "Oh my! Just like my Mom!" and then, "have they checked you for fibromyalgia?" I think you have enough to score the full 18 you have to have to be diagnosed with that modern catch-all disease. I have at least three relatives who have it and know of a few others. They all consider it chronic, although I've read of people in the alternative health field who say it can be completely cured. I like to think they are right.

(Or perhaps asparatame effects! More further down).

I'm not trying to diagnose you, of course, Jane. I'm just tossing out examples.

For instance, a lot of people with fibromyalgia say that their doctors couldn't pin their problems on any one thing for a long time. Then finally they put this label on it, and the patients sigh with relief. Now they know they are not crazy; they have a modern chronic illness, and can bask in a bit of attention over that. One relative has received disability pension because of it, so she doesn't have to try to hold down a job any more.

I think it's sad though when a person finds glory in being sick and no longer believes they might get well. Our dear Lord Jesus is the Great Physician, who really cares about our bodies as well as our souls, and spirits, and He never said to anyone in the Bible, 'No, you're destined to be chronically ill the rest of your life." That just is not like Him!

But sometimes the truths and principles about our healing have to be mined and dug up from a deep, deep mine, like a rare diamond or ruby.

So what is my answer then? You're eager to know, aren't you, Jane?

God, our loving, Heavenly Father, wants you well, and whole, and completely devoted to serving His Son, our dear Lord Jesus, our Saviour and our Healer. I think you already know him as your Saviour, but now to this other brilliant facet of Jesus - as your healer!

First of all, sickness and disease came into the world because of sin. It's part of the curse that God described to Adam and Eve after they had disobeyed. Decay and disintegration have set in, and it works in our bodies as well as all of nature. To keep alive we have to constantly fight this downward trend. Just like weeds, decay and disintegration creeps in and wants to take over our bodies, our homes, our relationships, and our very lives. It starts as soon as we're born.

Therefore it follows that the first step is to deal with sin, so that we can hold back spiritual decay in us. Actually, that alone doesn't do it. We have to receive by faith the Holy Spirit, whom God gives us when we decide to trust Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour from our past sins, our tendency to sin, and the shame and hold of sin over us. - Many people, unfortunately, are afraid of the unseen, so they skirt around the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and miss out on the very help God has provided to give us victory over any temptations to sin, or bad habits, or mediocrity. That same Holy Spirit - which is God, and Jesus too, abiding in us, has power to keep us righteous and pure and holy, and also to make our bodies strong and able to serve Him to the nth degree. It all depends on how much we are willing to let Him in!

And, how faithfully and obediently we spend time in His word, to get to know His will and do it. If we are not obedient in the little tiny steps of instruction He gives us, God, by His Spirit, will not give us further direction. Just think, Jane, one little disobedience can halt all His marvelous plans in and for us and through us to help others!

At Conversion

Before our conversion to Christ - that is to trust Him to forgive our sins, and give us eternal life - our spirit is dead and our body is slowly decaying. Only our soul, our personality is alive. But at conversion, God quickens, or makes our spirit to come alive, so we can worship God and fellowship with Him by His Holy Spirit who comes to abide in our spirit to the degree we invite Him. At this point the body too, may come alive, but healing is not usually automatic. It is something separate that we pray for and receive. I Corinthians 6:2-20 says that our bodies are to glorify God, and if we do not grasp that, we might use our health and strength for selfish purposes.

Why Not ASK?

Many believers would be healed if they just yielded their bodies to God as living sacrifices to His glory (per Romans 12:1-2). They see Jesus as saving them from their sins, but don't see how He also can save their bodies from sickness. So they suffer by default, and the laws of decay and degeneration make it worse and worse.

Jesus Christ is the same from the beginning of eternity, through His time on earth those 33 years, and on through all the ages of time, including today, right now, and He will continue to be the same Person without changes right on through the rest of time, and all through eternity - which we know will never end! So if Jesus healed everyone who asked Him during those 3 years of walking on earth as a Man, then surely He would still like to heal those who really desire it now.

If we've taken care of all the above issues about trusting Him to save us and forgive us, then what's left but to throw ourselves in total commitment at His feet and ASK for healing too? We just need to do it! (Unfortunately, we don't see many examples of this in our daily media, so most don't know it is possible.

Now, if you are ready for some deeper theology on;
the links between sin and sickness,
as chastisement for sin or discipline
strong-willed people
how to be devoted and healed
what about healing through drugs?
Nourishing Foods, Herbs, and Lots of Water?

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