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Safe & Free Ways to Make Money

Do you wish you could make money online in a SAFE and FREE way, but not sure where to start looking?

Then I suggest you try this free game to go on a Scavenger Hunt where you discover just about a dozen places online where (all but one) you can sign up for free to sell or recommend their products, or in three cases, you can do your online shopping in a frugal way, watching for the best prices, and then get a cash back reward for shopping there. If you score at least 50% on the Scavenger Hunt quiz questions, I will give you as your prize, my ebook, "40 Online Business Ideas" which costs $40 in other places where I offer it. Come Tour some Online Businesses in my Scavenger Hunt!

(Watch also - in coming months - when I activate my eAction mailing list again, that this book is very likely to be offered as a thank you gift for subscribing for free.)

To succeed online you will discover that you need to learn different marketing methods than have been used for years in the off-line business ventures. You may be quite surprised to learn that some of the most successful marketers are do it with making certain types of posts on social media platforms. Most of them do it totally FREE!

But there are other methods too. And the very best place to learn these - no matter what type of business you are keen to excel at - is to become a member of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) community. MLSP has a vast library of training courses, some as eBooks, and many of them as video series.

I can understand if you feel rather cautious/nervous about joining such a community if you don't know what to expect. So MLSP offers trial memberships for $10 for 10 days, and at the end of the ten days, if you are not blown away with satisfaction, you may ask for your money back! In fact, sometimes there is a 5-day Challenge going on in the MLSP Group on Facebook, and you can sign up for just $1 to take the Challenge (that's a speedy quick training course). During that time you are allowed to login to the MLSP website and explore all that is available there. Again, if you are not amazed and totally pleased with all you discover in our community, your $1 will be cheerfully returned.

Want to see an introductory video and testimonials from members who have done very well with Affiliate Commissions? Then take this link to go to that page: About MLSP

If you are so broke even that offer doesn't work for you, I recommend that you sign up weekly for the Wednesday evening Webinar at 8 pm EST. This is when the successful members are interviewed for their stories. This is so good and valuable that I do my level best to make time for that webinar! Attendance is always FREE, but even the members have to sign up again each week for that Wednesday night Webinar. Once you have attended one webinar you will always get an invitation email for the next one. And if for any reason you can't make it, after registering, you will be sent the link for the replay in the next day or two. Weekly Marketing Webinars The Best, Most Painless way to get a good online Marketing education!

Believe me, those who have tried to make money before they learned these online marketing methods testify that they made lots of mistakes, lost a lot of money, and wasted - sometimes years of hard work! If that is your story too, then don't waste any more precious time! Join MLSP as fast as you can!

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