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My Life Story Told in Pictures

The Earliest Years
Me as a baby doll
My parents' baby doll. I was born to Henry H. and Elizabeth (Kroeker) Friesen on July 31

Jean holding me
My Aunt Jean holding me.

Me with Ernie, my baby brother
With my new brother, Ernie, first of my 3 siblings
Cousin Myrna and me
"Which is me; which is cousin Myrna?" I often asked Mom.
Me with cousins
Playing with visiting cousins. I still have that yellow dress Mom had crocheted for me!
Grade one, me
Finally old enough to go to school! I was delayed a year because of an appendix operation

We will move to another page for the photos of me as an adult.

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
The Responsible One

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