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Ruth Marlene Friesen - author and site owner of Ruthe's Secret Roses - Welcome!
Ruth Marlene Friesen: Welcome!

This site is like Ruthe, the heroine of my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe is . . .
intimate with God,
prays a lot,
a bleeding heart for the hurting,
a big sister,
rescues friends,
has creative ideas,
likes to give surprise gifts,
loyal to friends,
dreams of love and marriage,
dreams of writing a book
goes the extra mile

So this site offers;
good books to read!
help to become Friends with Jesus,
The One Ideal Real Friend
a cure for loneliness
An Older Sister's Coping Secret
how to pray Panic Prayers,
& regularly/daily
how to grow in faith
Christian mentoring,
how to share your faith

A rose like the kind Ruthe loves in Ruthe's Secret Roses

A dewy pink rose such as I love!

Oh, how sweet to have a friend who'd drop everything and come when you need her. Ruthe, the heroine of this novel, dashes away from her own grad when her friend Muriel calls. Don't you wish you had a loyal, caring friend like that? Buy and READ Ruthe's Secret Roses!

Ah, a formal red rosebud!

Ruthe's Secret Roses
by Ruth Marlene Friesen

What First Readers are saying: RAVE REVIEWS

Some things will strike you as very unusual about this new novel;


Your main cry may be "Is there romance?

Does this book have the famous triangles of other fiction books!"

Ah-h! There's my reason to do romance differently; because everyone else writes romance with such a cookie-cutter!

(I REALLY don't care for kits, do you?).

Once I decided to write this book to suit my own tastes and change all the rules about romance I had great fun.

Ruthe is a matchmaker, and very much interested in a good husband and a family. However, she has vowed to be busy about God's business and to let Him choose her future husband. So she fights off all the men who approach her with romantic intentions. There's Ross, the tease, and Lloyd, who worships her, and Dr. Davie, who amuses her, and Peter, whom she gives away, and the police officers... (I'm biting my tongue! I don't want to spoil your reading of it!)

The pressure builds in this book. And – it will continue! The next book will be saturated with romance! (Everybody is going to comment on that! Whether they read it or not – EVERYONE will have an opinion on it by then)!

What About the Conflict?

This is not a bland PollyAnna story. Ruthe deals with some serious conflicts here, on more than one level. There are her fears and naivety to overcome first of all, then the very real taunts and hindrances of Satan. These may seem small or a joke to one who is not a Believer in Christ, but can shipwreck a Christian.

That's not all. She overcomes a strangler, witnesses a murder, and is kidnapped, but that all pales compared to the over all conflict throughout the book with her own conscience as Ruthe gradually realizes that she has been deceptive and needs to do some confessing and changing of her own. Only someone who has ever come to that point knows what a big climatic point that is in your life.

Have you been there? Then you'll know why this becomes a pivotal turning point in Ruthe's life.

(Truth is, you won't get the full, maximum impact until the next book. This Ruthe is like a multi-faceted diamond. The more you look the more you'll discover).

Ethnic Flavour; Mennonite Touches

>When I was growing up I read lots of books, but I didn't find any that featured my own ethnic background, and because it takes one to run one down, I heard mostly the negative aspects.

In my adult years, researching my roots, I've come to appreciate my ethnic background much more, so I've decided to weave a bit of that into the book. Not enough to overpower the story, but to honour my beloved grandmother, who was a godly example to me, and to show other Mennonite young people that we have nothing to be ashamed of. Our Low German, or Plaut Deutsch, is not a dirty language.

Ruthe is not a generic heroine, so why should she not have some ethnic colour and background? We all do. Some are just not aware of their heritage yet.

You don't have to speak the language to get the drift of the phrases that pass between Ruthe and her Grosz'mama. What is more, they are all explained in the footnotes at the bottom of each page wherever they happen.

Rose Garden

Whether you are a gardener or not, you are likely enough of a romantic to enjoy Ruthe's idealistic way of comparing her private prayer walks at dawn - or whenever she can fit them in - to walking and talking with the Lord Jesus in an imaginary garden of paths and rose hedges, arbours and love seats. She doesn't talk about it often because she is afraid people will not understand or make fun of this. But it is symbolic in her mind of her sacred relationship with one who is her God, her Saviour, and her dearest Friend and Confidant. Only here does she feel fully free to be her real self.

In this garden she and her Friend Jesus, discuss her other friends, whom she fancies to be various colours and types of roses. Since she is afraid to tell her family about her friends in the city, they are her secret roses.

Read Ruthe's Secret Roses, and you'll want to try such private garden dates too. You'll be amazed at how much you'll become like Ruthe. She is going to grow on you! You've got to make the effort for those appointments though. They don't easily come unbidden.

Have You Got Writing Dreams?

If you are idealistic, and imaginative, I'll bet you have thought about writing a book yourself. Watch out for Phyllis Shulton in this story. In the end you may wish you could find a woman like her in your real life to guide you too.

For any or a number of the above reasons,

you want to buy this novel right now!


* You don't have to get dressed to go out to shop for it

* You don't have to wait for it to come in the mail

* You order it by credit card, download it in 8 minutes more,

and START READING, Ruthe's Secret Roses

You will;

be spiritually impacted

be challenged to draw closer to Jesus, and see Him as a REAL Friend!

enjoy a clean story with a creative and feminine Christian environment and atmosphere

feel that Ruthe has become a life-long friend of yours!

How big is this book?

In paperback it is, 5 ½ x 8" - it is 467 pages. A thick book! You order the softcover at BookLocker or your favourite online bookstore (eg. Amazon).

It is also available as an e-book for Windows (95-98 + up), and in .pdf, which can be read in Acrobat Reader by Windows, Macs, or Linux operating systems. You get to choose from three e-book options. The HTML e-book comes with its own browser that opens when you click on the file name in your computer, and let's you read the book on a choice of two different backgrounds, like a lovely website.

Do you like muted pink roses? Then you'll want the one with SR in the filename. Would you rather have a more neutral floral background - not so very pink? Then take the one with RR in the filename. If you have a Mac instead of a PC, or you just like plain PDF pages better, which you read in an Acrobat Reader (free) - you'll want to pick the one with PDF in the link title.

Got more questions?

See if they are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page called FAQs.

Like to do some sample reading before you buy a book?

So do I! Click here to read The online chapters right now.

If you are saying...
Yes, Ruth, I'd like to BUY
and read this book!

Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen - available in print at!

I say: Great! I'm Delighted! You can very easily and quickly pay by your favourite credit card through for either the softcover, 466 page print book, (which is on its way to you within 48 hours) or the .PDF e-book (which you can download immediately).

Or, if you wish, you can stay right on this site, skip over to one of my Payment Pages; use PayPal, ClickBank, or regular post to purchase and download the very same e-book. I will email you the link or mail you the e-book on a CD or diskette.

Both PayPal and ClickBank will accept your credit/debit card. Click on the one you prefer to use.

To contact me about using cheques/checks or money orders to pay me by snail mail, see by regular Post. Even if you just have some questions. ASK!

Then make up your mind to buy it! You won't regret it!

Ruthe's Secret Roses - by Ruth Marlene Friesen - now available in print at!

Ruthe's Secret Roses available in softcover! Purchase it at and it will be in the mail to you within 48 hours!

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Your book was a pleasure to read. I loved all the transformations; the physical makeovers, the home decorating, and best of all, the total heart conversions. All are made possible by an unassuming young Mennonite woman who trusts God to lead her and work through her.

There aren't many books written about the Mennonite way of life; particularly having them associating with other faiths, and sharing their faith.
(Kathy Wollf - First Reader)

I love it! Your style of writing is excellent, especially the way you build interest and keep me wanting to read faster and faster. What a wonderful story :-)
(Connie Lepovosky, Typesetter).

Wow! This little lady gets around doesn't she! The style is unique, not your typical bookstore novel. I like the "stream of consciousness" effect as we see into her thoughts and she talks to her Companion about everything.
Internet friend, Rose Clarke

The book was a surprise to me in that when I first started the book, and so many things happened to Ruth at such a fast pace, I did have trouble getting my head around the 'reality' of it all.

However, once I got into it I was soon intrigued by the events that happened. After all - so many other secular fictional stories expect us to believe the impossible - why should a Christian book not do the same, and possibly inspire us since we believe in the God of the impossible?!

What surprised me is how I was soon able to keep pace with the events that happened to Ruthe, though I had to think a moment or two 'who was who' from time to time.
Sharon Richardson, Scotland

A golden talisman rose - surely it must be!

I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses, and the voice I hear, falling on my ear.... Ruthe's Secret Roses illustrates that dear song!

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