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7 Ways to Begin on the Net

You've decided to go online and make some money. You admit you are a "newbie" but where to begin?!

If you should stumble on a button too quickly that dumps barrels of money on your head, you won't know how to cope with all the orders, or how to respond so as to keep your customers coming back, thereby bungling up your good fortune.

Ah... but there's little danger of that.

Allow yourself time to explore and get used to how things are done on the net. Here's seven things to look for and to practice. If you are going online daily, setting blocks of hours, give yourself at least two to four months of familiarizing yourself. If you only go online occasionally, take longer.

1. Read everything carefully. So what if your kids make things click, clatter and flash when they get in front of the computer. Never mind. Take time to read everything before you click on any links on a page. You will pick up speed when you start seeing repetitions, once you know what they mean.

2. Try out the search engines. Try out many. Use them to look up what you're interested in; your hobbies, your family tree, government documents, and yes, business opportunities too. (Only don't sign up for any just yet. Or only free ones). Notice the differences between the search engines and directories. You'll soon have favorites.

3. Bookmark your favorites. After a while those great websites you found will run together in your mind, and the notes you may have scribbled will have flaws, so you can't find your way back. Learn to click on your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks function and use those suggested file categories. As soon as you can, create your own directories so they make sense to you.

4. Learn good email habits. Again, organize a file system that makes sense to you, and make backups off the hard drive! (Crashes happen to the best of us). Set your email program to help you do spell checks before you send messages, try to use Reply as often as possible so the other party can refer to what they wrote you. Even if you thought you were not a letter-writer, you will be doing more of that as time goes on. Make a point of answering any and all emails within 24 hours if possible.

All of us have at least one, perhaps several niche groups or more narrow segments of society that we can identify with, and relate to well. Another article will cover how to find your niche - for that is where you will do business best. Meantime, sign up for free ezines and learn like a sponge.

5. Take note of the websites you admire the most, and the ones with good resources. The time will come most likely, when you will design your own. As you come to free graphics sites and resources, bookmark them.

6. Start downloading e-books and software programs. This seems scary at first, but if you take your time reading over a website, and feel comfortable downloading what they offer - go ahead. Your computer will help you. Wonder where they went? Look for them in your Downloads Directory, click on the Application files, and let wizards take you through the steps to install a new program. You will be doing a lot of this in the future!

Note: e-books are often whole websites that you can read off the internet, but still on your computer. Many webmasters give them away to attract visitors, so build a nice free library!

7. Have you got something to sell? Explore auction sites, the classifieds, and other link pages. But don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with a free Classified page. You are expected to promote it and cause others get one. Try it.

You just got drawn into marketing and traffic building! Your internet business work has started. Now you are going to be busy!

We have not even touched on ICQ, chat rooms, and discussion or message boards where you can make a network of friends and business leads. Another time, okay? Watch for more in this series.

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