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or passed on to me from friends)

Please notice that I do not have a copyright to these articles. They were generally forwarded to me, and I found them worthy of saving. Since they appear to belong to Anonymous and he shares fairly generously, you may feel free to copy and uses these articles too. Until, of course, a true author is proven. Then we must respect their copyright!

Mostly I err on the side of caution, but sometimes feel it is safe to share.

Observations of a buzzard, a bat, and a bumble bee show that none of them look up to fly out of a confined space, even though they are quite able to Fly High - the Answer is Above.

The stunning article that woke me to the dangers and HORROR of forwording emails with all those friends' addresses showing, but this one also shows how to use Bcc to fix that.

Her mother's advice was Get Girlfriends!

An excellent and rousing essay on the unique freedoms in America that make it truly God's Country!

An elderly woman moving into a nursing home helps define Happiness as a decision.

The lining up of the planets this April and May will provide for Spectacular Sights in the Heavens this spring and summer.

A modern parable of a rat concerned about a Rat Trap, but Mr. Rat is unable to convince the other barnyard animals to get involved and do something - in the end they are all killed.

An excellent article filled with Tips for Staying Safe - for Women, taken from a workshop by Pat Malone, who has been a body guard for the famous, and in the FBI, and teaches Navy Seals how to protect themselves.

Eavesdrop on a convention Satan called with his angels wherein the plan was laid to keep us from the Simple Life.

The implications of whether God is Supreme, or Not? - and how either way will affect our attitudes to the value of life.

The story of a fighting Tomcat, named Ugly, that just wanted to be loved.

Kind words and a friendship offered to Kyle, a distressed student kept him from committing suicide, as this writer learned when the Valedictorian told the story from his point of view.

A fascinating and revealing comparison of Water and Coke.

An visual object lesson a seminar leader gave to show what you are worth, no matter what your condition.

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