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The Color of Money

Color of Money

Does your money leave you so fast you hardly recall what color of money you had? You need a SIMPLE way to track your money. Simple enough for a child in elementary school, right?

Here's your answer: you will overcome your fear of bookkeeping and learn to use a simple, personal budgeting system. If you want you can expand to more advanced systems later, but this is a great starting point if you feel overwhelmed by the very idea of recording your incomes and expenses.

Elsie M. (Friesen) Peters

My sister Elsie, designed The Color of Money as a simple, easy to understand and use accounting book, - mainly to encourage those who fear budgeting and recording the ins and outs of their money. You can be in control of your finances after all.

colourful Canadian $100 bills

Canadian money especially is colorful. The $2 coin has a gold or copper-colored center and a silver or nickle-like ring around it, but the paper (now becoming plastic fibre) bills are even more so. The $5 is blue, the $10 is purple or mauve, the $20 is green, the $50 is red, and the $100 bill is brown or bronze. The last three also have a colorful multi-colored holograph stripe on them to make it harder for counterfeiters to copy.

American bills are green except for the $50 and the $100 notes. They sometimes confess to an envy of our 'pretty' Canadian money. Fortunately, this record-book works with any currency.

The Color of Money

Money comes from many directions; that can make it colorful too. Some people are always looking for the pot of gold. Have you found it yet?

The Color of Money is a great accounting book for your personal, or your family's bookkeeping.

Are your finances out of control? Everyone seems to be telling you to BUDGET? If so, this very simple accounting book will guide you and teach you how to budget.

This is not a downloadable digital ebook, but a physical one, so I will mail it to you if you buy it for $25/book. You will need to include your mailing address and contact info.

It will come to you from me:
Ruth M. Friesen
903 23rd Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L 0A5

A Closer Look at The Color of Money

The Color of Money is designed to show you how to budget your personal finances, how to file receipts, and how to record every item, and keep everything in one place for one whole year. This will help you get your finances under control. Then you can pack it with all the year's receipts away for safe-keeping and get another copy for the next year. If you are ever audited by the Tax Dept. you can pull up all your records for any give year in one place. Not a shoebox with many loose slips.

On page 5 of The Color of Money, Elsie describes how to begin the Nitty-Gritty work of mastering your finances with this book. She suggested you have this book, plus the 52 weekly envelopes included inside the cover pockets, a calculator, a fan-out filing folder, your bank statement if you use a checking account, and a pencil and eraser. Mistakes do happen, but you'll deal with them head on now!

Her plan is to understand the basics of record-keeping, creating a monthly budget for a start, then working towards managing your assets MINUS your liablities to find a net worth that is your very own "pot of gold."

Elsie also explains how you can create your four-color rainbow of promise to that pot where your money collects;
Color one: the envelope where you faithfully put your receipts.
Color two: totalling your income report each month.
Color three: recording your expenses in the right columns. (you may change the names of the ones that don't apply to you.
Color four: get your monthly summary totals. Just follow the directions.
The next month, repeat these steps.

Our Aunt Helena ordered a batch of The Color of Money to give to her grandchildren one Christmas because she wanted them to learn to manage their money wisely. Great idea!

Teach a Class?

This book, The Color of Money would work very well if you teach a class of children or immigrants how to budget and keep account of their money. This book comes at a much lower cost than many other text books.

Shall we Examine The Color of Money?

The Color of Money is a paper, cerlox-bound one-year accounting book with very simple instructions so that you can draw up a budget and keep a record of your incomes and expenses. You record your receipts and pay stubs and slip them into the #10 envelope in the cover pockets. If you put this book in a regular spot and make your entries each day or week, it will tidy up a large part of your struggle with bookkeeping. It won't make you wealthy right away - but it can prepare you for such a future.

The BENEFITS of The Color of Money

You'll find The Color of Money right for you if you need;
$ a simple business accounting and bookkeeping plan.
$ to overcome your fear of bookkeeping
    (something I wrestled with for some years)
$ to learn to budget
$ to manage your money to get out of debt
$ a simple personal bookkeeping plan
$ a simple small business accounting book
$ to teach children how to do simple accounting.

Do you need it for one or more of those reasons? Okay, press this button . . .

Remember: this is not a digital download ebook; it is a printed and bound book, which will be sent by mail to you.

$25.00/ea Cdn

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