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Who Broke the Baby?

by Dr. Jean Staker Garton
published by Bethany House Publishers,
ISBN#0-7642-2050-0 (c)1979, 1998

I first got a copy of this book at a second-hand thrift store, at a time when I was just getting informed about pro-life issues. It made a huge impression on me, for Jean provide answers to a lot, if not all the arguments of those favouring abortion. Well, not just those favouring it, but also those promoting it heavily.

Recently I received a more recent printing of the same book, and decided to read it again for a refresher.

Wow! I think I'm more impressed than the first time for by now I've learned much more, and realize just what good sense Garton has in how she refutes each of those cliche slogans. She has such an articulate way of dispelling the myths that we hear so often.

The very fact that we hear them so often is what causes many to believe they must be true. Repetition does not make something true! It is important that we seek out the truth, and tell the world that for a change.

Dr.Garton does this so well, and so passionately, that I would love to order a case of these books to give out to any who bring up the subject with me.

Have you heard or ever used these slogans?

Every woman has a right to control her own body.

Every child a wanted child.

Termination of pregnancy.

Freedom to choose.

A fetus is not a person.

Eliminate the back alley: legalize abortion.

Abortion is a Catholic issue.

What about the hard cases - rape? Abnormal child?

Abortion is a private matter.

No one knows when life begins.

Abortion is a single issue.

Women need partial-birth abortion for health reasons.

Abortion is between a woman and her God.

Kids are gonna do it anyway.

Adoption? I could never give my baby away!

If you are honest enough to enter into a discussion of these points, you'll want to know what Dr. Jean Garton says.

If you need help answering other people who use these slogans, you'll want to read and use Dr. Garton's lines of reason. If you don't feel articulate enough - hand out this book to speak for you.

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