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The Touch of the Master

(c)1998 by Deborah Meroff
published by OM Literature
P.O. Box 1047, Waynesboro, GA 30830-2047 USA

Who doesn't like inspirational short stories of how God has intervened in an ordinary life, in the ordinary, but to us very important details of life?

You may be different, but I love such true testimonial stories. This book is full of them, so it was a special treat to read.

Meroff's history with Operation Mobilization is not clearly spelled out, but the staff of that mission have contributed many of the stories. Most of them focus on some aspect of their ministry with these big ships that come into dock in the largest harbours in the world, bringing Christian bookstores, seminars, and gospel presentations inland to groups of children, or people wherever they are found, even on the street. Aside from the inspirational facet of these stories, they give us a glimpse behind the scenes of this unique mission operation too.

The stories are divided into types of contact with our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. The first seven are about His comforting touch. Stories of where someone really needed to be comforted and loved. Several are about prisoners who found Jesus was with them.

The next ten stories describe times of the Master's protective touch. Times of danger and possible harm are resolved when the Master kept them safe. What unusual rescues! In All Your Ways tells about a ministry campaign in India where the mobs had let the air out of the tires of their literature truck. At the entrance to another village they were stoned, so limped on toward the next city, when they ran out of gas, and the remaining tire collapsed. While they waited for help, they set up loudspeakers and lights, and began to preach.

Someone had hired a magician to disrupt their meeting. The author jumped off the platform and confronted him, and via a translator, told him that if he continued to interrupt God's work, he could expect God's judgment.

The next day a strong wing came up and demolished the magician's tent. When they came near him, he demanded, "Who is your God?"

There are five stories of the Master's healing touch. Then seven of His practical touch. (It is such a temptation to start re-telling these stories here!)

In the stories of His providing touch, is one by David Short, with whom I often correspond. He tells of a time in the Philippines when it was urgent that he get some airline tickets to crew members in Taiwan within 24 hours. No mail operators could guarantee such delivery speed. So he and a co-worker took them to the airport, and asked God to guide them to a person who was flying there, and could be trusted to delivery the tickets by hand by the deadline. Sure enough, the first woman they approached turned out to be the best choice imaginable. She had just the night before learned of the Doulos in the Taiwan port, and ready and willing to make the delivery in person.

Don't you just love God's perfect timing! That always thrills me, for I've had it happen in my own life.

The last set of stories are about His seeking touch. No doubt there could be many more than the six given here, about people who sought for God, and were brought in contact with OM missionaries through unusual means, so they could hear and receive the gospel.

I tell you, you are doing yourself a huge favour if you get this book and read it. You will be blessed!

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