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37331: The Prayer of Jabez

The Prayer of Jabez

by Bruce H. Wilkinson
ISBN 157-673-8574

For a small book, this one is having a huge impact on the Christian world in thespring of 2001. I heard the author interviewed on Focus on the Family, mentioned it in my ezine, and a subscriber, who went out to buy it mailed me her marked up copy. It didn't take long to read, and immediately I started passing it on. Now it is hard to get back. - But that's okay, because I believe it impacts everyone who reads it.

Bruce describes the short prayer of a man who only appears in two verses in the Bible, one of which is his prayer to God asking Him to bless him. God picks Jabez out of a long genealogy of Jewish men to comment on this man's prayer and to add that he granted his request. There are four parts or phrases to the prayer and in this book, Wilkinson describes how they relate to our own lives, and that we may ask for these blessings too.

He reports how he and his wife began to pray this prayer when he finished seminary and wondered what would all come in their lives. They have experienced God's blessings in many wonderful ways, and as he has begun to share this prayer with others, and they've tried it, they too report so many blessings that some have actually begged God to stop as they are just overwhelmed.

There is some danger that people will see this prayer as a magic formula for getting whatever they want, but most Christians do not ask for enough, and I'm sure God knows how to determine our true motives.

I, personally have begun to pray this way, and am pleased to report that God has been blessing me in some unusual ways. Best of all is a sense of joy and confidence in His love, and that He will bring to pass the ministry opportunities I want so that I may bless others in His name.

If you haven't got it yet, do make an effort to get yourself a copy of this book! You will not be sorry!

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