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Seeking Wisdom

Preparing Yourself to be Mentored
by Edna Ellison & Tricia Scribner
Published by New Hope 2001 ISBN: 1563097400

One day a young woman at church approached me in a line up for refreshments, to ask if I would mentor or disciple her. It caught me quite off guard and I didn't have time in my life at that point. Some months later, a small block of time cleared, and I was immediately reminded of her. We had precious hours together every week for two years.

This workbook, Seeking Wisdom, would have been a help to my younger woman friend while she waited. Still, as I read this through I was pleased at how well God guided us through the steps set out here.

Just as Ellison and Scribner point out, many a young woman longs to have an older, wiser woman take her under her wing, teach and show her thing by example. Some want guidance in being a good wife and mother, others in Christian disciplines, and some desire mentoring in a career or skill. The problem is, the older women don't all feel so ready to mentor.

This book helps a young woman to sort out what it is she wants or needs most, how to prepare herself, and how to find and approach a mentor. It even gives advice on how to gently persuade the older woman, that yes, she is able to mentor out of her own personal knowledge and growth.

If a more formal arrangement is started in a church to match up mentors and mereas (a Jewish word for friend), this book can be used for a class to prepare the younger women. Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor is the companion book which can be used to prepare the mentors.

Oh to see more of this happening!

(Reprinted with Permission from Provident Bookfinder)

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