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Return to Harmony

by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn
Published by Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 9 781556618789 check (1996)

The colaberation of these two authors, Janette Oke, from Alberta, Canada, and T. Davis Bunn, an American in England, seems to be a winning combination. There is that simple wholesomeness married with spiritual depth and growth in the main characters that makes these books a very satifying experience to read. This book is a fine example.

It is the story of two quite opposite types of girls, who become friends and go through some very thick and even extremely thin times.

By thick, I mean times when they are very close and bless and help each other tremendously.

They meet through a puppy that Bethan, the younger, slight, and timid redhead is suppose to give up. But Jodie, the stronger, bolder, more intelligent girl has a solution. From that time on they are friends.

Bethan has a lazy eye and has to wear an eye patch to school. This mortifies her, but Jodie decides to wear one too at a spelling bee, and quells the taunting by her loyal gesture.

On the other hand, when Jodie's mother dies, Bethan spends days and nights at Jodie's side, just to be there for her.

An interesting note is that Bethan's parents are able to see how good this friendship is for the girls, and they encourage it at just the right times.

By thin, I mean that there were times of painful separation and loss of that intimacy they had enjoyed.

It is Bethan who has the stronger faith in God, and it grows despite the hard times she faces. Whereas Jodie loses what faith she has, through a great disappointment, and goes off to a university for her education. I could not help but identify with, and love Bethan for never stopping to pray for Jodie. What an intercessor!

In the end she is able to trigger and see the miracle she's been praying for! Praise God!

Both girls end up with romance and marriages that are appropriate for their traits and personalities. They come into their lives gradually, not out of the blue. I appreciate how beautifully these authors have woven that in at the right pace.

Many girls have had close bosom friends like this, and will enjoy this book immensely. Those who have not, will be able to enjoy a friendship vicariously and realize that they might have such too, if they are willing to be loyal and pay the cost. A jewel of a friendship like this is not without cost, as this story shows so dramatically and effectively.

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