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A Book I can Highly Recommend

My Parents, My Children

Spiritual help for Caregivers
by Cecil Murphey
Published by Westminster Press, 2000 - 264 pages.

What an excellent idea! I've thought that I ought to write a daily devotional book for caregivers, and Cecil Murphey has beat me to it. It is very well done.

Caregivers often don't have time for in-depth devotional studies. This one offers short 2-3 page readings, with a situation the caregiver is very likely to identify with his or her own experiences. Then a Bible verse and a short prayer.

The readings are divided into five parts, Learning to Care, Practical Caring, Caring between the Generations, Caring and Feeling, and Caring until the End. This follows the progression from when we first decide to become caregivers for our parents or other family members, right through to coping with the death of our charges, and even the empty spaces that come after that.

In 1983 I gave up my job to move home to look after my parents. Mom was sickly and largely helpless, often expected to die, but she lasted for 14 more years. Dad had better physical health but still needed me to live in. During those years there was also a time when my grandmother moved in and I needed to be constantly at her side because of her dementia. From all this I could indentify with almost all of the situations Murphey describes in this book. I too had to resolve the issues that came up for the pressured, guilt-ridden caregiver, and learned many lessons from it all. Most often that feeling that no one else understood.

Caregivers, if you need to know you are not alone, that others are going through such feelings, you need this book. Or if you know a caregiver, you'll do them a huge favor by giving it to them.

(Used by Permission, from Provident Bookfinder)

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