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Maximum Friendship

Devotions for Students
by Jeff and Ramona Tucker
Published by Harold Shaw 1999 ISBN: 0877885834

These short devotions can be used by teens individually, and would take eight weeks to complete. That might be long enough to get the daily devotional habit started for most teens. Friendship is certainly a topic of keen interest to teens. It could also work as a discussion starter in very small groups such as two or three friends of the same sex.

Each devotional reading begins with a snapshot of a situation between teenage friends. A few short paragraphs zero the lesson in for the reader, with a short Bible passage to read, and a couple of questions to consider or answer as an exercise in personalizing the point on friendships.

The authors worked closely with junior high and high school students, and have a fresh, current view of how such students think and feel. However, they do not try to become one of them, nor are they shy about what the Bible says about friendships. They draw from some excellent examples, showing they know the answer book well too.

Over the eight weeks the daily readings move gradually up from describing the various types of friends we meet, through the kinds of friendships guys and gals can have, and the ones to avoid, on to how to be the best friend, and even how to cope with the unpleasant ones. The latter weeks build up to the kind of ultimate best friend Jesus is ready to be, and how to begin a friendship with Him, if one has not done so before.

Altogether, this slim book would even make a lovely gift to a teen, whether or not yet a Christian. I hope the authors, Jeff and Ramona will make a regular habit of writing these devotional books.

(Reprinted with Permission from Provident Bookfinder)

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