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A Book I can Highly Recommend

Heaven's Wager

by Ted Dekker
Published by Word Publishing - ISBN: 0-8499-4241-1

This is certainly not a conventional novel. The friend who loaned me this book was sure I would like it, and Kathy was right - this is spiritual fiction, and deals with the unseen dimensions of one particular man and his family. By this I mean the author shows us spiritual activity as well as what we can see.

Kent Anthony cannot see or hear the laughter in Heaven that his wife and son and mother-in-law saw and heard when they gathered to pray for him. He is bent on winning the accolades and tremendous new salary that his new computer program for his bank is to bring him.

It seems a wager is made in Heaven about what it will take to bring Kent to faith in Christ. He has no idea what it will cost him, or how much rope he will get to try for success in his own way.

To watch his mother-in-law is a real series of lessons on how to intercede in earnest for another person. I admired her perseverance so much! What an example for those of us who are praying for a loved one who seems so very resistant to God.

I also admired the author's skill in making Kent's perverse ways in his place of work, and his thinking processes come alive. His devious plans to cover up his crimes are brilliant. Albeit ugly as sin. Kent is so fierce in his determination to get what he felt he deserved for his work.

I rejoiced though to see that God's patience and persistence can far out-stretch any human resources. It was a pleasure to watch Kent's life from the heavenly viewpoint. Believe me, if you are interested in God's view of our human lives, you'll get some fascinating glimpses in this book!

This novel is written in a similar style to the spiritual warfare books by Frank Perretti. I recall when I first read Perretti's "This Present Darkness," I was thrilled to discover that others also wrote books like I was writing. It was even bolder than mine. Then I read that even the secular publishers were looking for books like this to publish. I'm so pleased to see that others are coming to the fore, like this Ted Dekker.

The cover announces this is Book I of the Martyr's Song series, so join me in watching for more novels like this from Ted Dekker. This is NOT fluff. This book has real meat to it. And at the same time it takes you on an adventure where you really don't know what's going to happen next!

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