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Good News for Bad People

by Roy Hession
published by Ricksford Hill Publishing Ltd
Buckinghamshire HP20 2RT
Copyright (c) 1989 The Roy Hession Book Trust, England
First Published in 1989
This edition 2003

The title of this book, as Hession said himself, is not particularly snappy, but it is serious, theological revival thinking. It is not about good Christians becoming better Christians by their sincere efforts. It is about Christians recognizing they are as bad as anyone else, but - hallelujah! - the grace of God is great enough to deliver us from bondage and to transform us into the saints we are to be.

These were truths I've read and learned in the past, but reading this book brought it all home so clearly to me again that I felt I was being washed in the Word. Refreshed. Revived.

Dear Mr. Hession's style of writing is so confidential, as if he is sitting close enough to touch you, and often does, as he shares enthusiastically but earnestly the rich truths in keywords of the gospel, such as;

GOOD NEWS for bad people

JESUS for the sinner

RECONCILIATION for the enemy

GRACE for the undeserving

BLOOD for the remission of sin

FORGIVNESS for the guilty

CLEANSING for the defiled

JUSTIFICATION for the ungodly

REPENTANCE for the sinner and saint

GLORIFICATION for the redeemed

This book is based on some messages Roy Hession gave on the Great Words of the Gospel,at a conference years ago. He was also greatly affected by some revivals he experienced, both in England and in Africa.

Even professing Chrisians are ultimately bad people who need the gospel, not just as a one time salvation decision event, but all through the rest of our lives.

It is when we accept that position, we are finally candidates for the grace of God. That is when we can start drawing on the riches we have in Christ Jesus! Using those keywords above, Hession shows us from many directions what riches those really are.

Yes, I would recommend this book to you are not satisfied with your life, but ready to move on into the truths of God's grace for the needy.

Those who like to read devotional books, books on prayer, and the intimate life in Christ, will recognize the author Roy Hession, as a beloved writer in this area. He is deceased, but we are fortunate in that the Book Trust in his name is republishing these classics in light paperbacks at very reasonable prices. The copy I received is from their RHP One Pound Classics.

I've just discovered that they have a scheme by which you can get 50 books (5 each of 10 classic titles for 50 pounds, postage included) at their website, https://thesourcebooks.co.uk. That is a good deal!

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