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When the Work is Never Done
by Patrick Klingaman
Published by - ChariotVictor Publishing 2000
ISBN: 1564767884

An excellent and timely book. This speaks directly to our current problem with addiction to work, getting right to the root of the matter, and showing steps to gaining real rest. Those of us who thought computers would ease our workload and give us plenty of free time have discovered, if we'll admit it, that we got busier and in trying to get more and more done, we are out of balance.

I especially appreciated the look at rest from God's point of view. A return to the rests planned for us by Him, and provided in Jesus' finished work, including a Sabbath rest should do wonders for us.

Patrick Klingaman shares lessons from his own experiences in restoring rest through retreats. How to break yourself in to them, and how to space them for best effect. We certainly do need to keep an eye on our fuel gauge, for when we are spiritually on empty, we have nothing to offer others.

Not only does Klingaman guide us to organize rest as a balance to work, but shows in the last four chapters how to build more rest into the world around us, where we live, work and worship.

It is rare to see a book on rest, and one that deals so thoroughly with the subject. I recommend this highly. Not only to Christians, but unbelievers too, for there is a clear presentation of rest in receiving Christ as a good first step. There are many tired and weary people who could respond to that invitation through this book.

(Reprinted with Permission from Provident Bookfinder)

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