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The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

The Case for Christ

A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus
by Lee Strobel
published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I had heard and read of this book before, but not read The Case for Christ myself until it was given away at a funeral recently. Lynne had ordered enough so that anyone who wanted it, could have a copy.

What a good plan! This is an excellent book for those are not sure about Christ, and will remove all obstacles to faith an open mind might have. It is also a good book for people to read who already have a strong faith and commitment to Christ. It will encourage you to see the overwhelming evidence that Christ did come and died for us. Furthermore, it will give you answers for the skeptics you meet from time to time, who think they can punch holes in your faith.

Lee Strobel was trained in law, but used that training as a legal and court reporter for many years in Chicago. He understood the importance of examining all the different types of evidence, and searching thoroughly for the truth that withstands all cross-examination. When his wife turned to faith in Christ, Lee resolved to treat Jesus Christ as someone to be examined as in a court of law. Strobel did this for 21 months, researching many authorities, and writing up his findings as interviews with them.

Using legal methods and standards, he examined the eyewitness testimonies, and tested them for accuracy. He did the same with documentary evidence, corroberating evidence, and scientific evidence. He even allowed or sought out rebuttal evidence.

Then Strobel analyzed Jesus, looking at proofs of his identity, what his psychological state was (from the Biblical records), and built a profile of him. He asked the hard questions to determine whether Jesus, and Jesus alone matched the identity of the Messiah.

This was not all. Strobel hunted down medical evidence for Jesus' ressurrection. He checked out the missing body theories, and the evidence of his appearances after his resurrection. He summed up all the circumstantial evidence, and finally established the verdict of history, showing how Jesus is better documented and proved than any other historical fact exsisting today!

This book has been published in many printings and editions since 1998, and is already a classic for the seeker of Truth. Also a great reassurance to those who already know the truth. I felt so affirmed in my faith, and ready to tell others with great enthusiasm. I recommend The Case for Christ highly.

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