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Walking with God to total health
by Jim Maxwell
Published by New Hope, 2000, 163pages
ISBN: 1563094533

Jim Maxwell brings together the spiritual discipline of walking with God and the desire for physical fitness in walking and shows how these can be done together at the same time.

He writes to those who know they ought to, but so far have not been able to discipline themselves to do it regularly, or else, made starts and because they didn't plan well, or walk right, gave up. Very thoroughly, step by step, Maxwell shows first the need and value of taking walks to pray and meditate on Scripture. Then he brings in the perspective of those who want to lose weight or improve their health.

Several chapters are given to determining when and where to walk, how to prepare by calculating the calories you need to burn and a practical time frame, learning to dress and walk correctly so you don't give yourself real back problems, and how to plan a devotional schedule of verses to take along, complete with simple note-taking methods. Re-producible charts and Walking with God cards are included at the end.

I've often felt guilty about not walking, but now I feel eager to do so. (I just need to re-organize my schedule in time for the milder temperatures which I like to think are around the corner).

Although it's a great manual for those who want to combine devotional times with healthy walking, Maxwell spends time pointing out that walking with others is a good way to get to know them better, and to build friendships. A number of widows in our small town, I've observed, walk together daily. Maybe it isn't so unique to them after all. But if I stop to think, any time I've walked with someone, we've chatted quite intimately the whole time.

This book on walking will bless both your soul and your body.

(Reprinted by Permission from Provident Bookfinder)

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