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Behind the Stories - Christian Novelists Reveal the Heart in the Art of their Writing

Behind the Stories

Christian Novelists Reveal the Heart in the Art of Their Writing
by Diane Eble (c) 2002
published by Bethany House Publishers,
Bloomington, MN. 55438
ISBN 0-7394-2556-0

If you read a lot of Christian fiction the names of most of the forty authors profiled here will be familiar to you. Some of them are bound to be the writers of your favourite books. You will also meet some that you may not even have heard about. For me, some were names I knew I had seen somewhere, but I really didn't know any background on them.

If you have a passion to be a writer, if you have a story to tell to the nations, even if you don't recognize any author's names, this is an important book for you. Why? Because you will begin to comprehend what it takes to become such a writer, the discipline and perserverance required. In fact, I observed that if you become as prolific as Jerry B. Jenkins you can hardly help but have an experience like his, and you are almost bound to find yourself writing a series of best sellers that cross over to both secular and Christian markets. Just a side note.

To tell you the truth, the main take away impression I had was that if you aspire to write good books, and make yourself available to God to write them, He will start moving people and events in your life to make that possible. I was astonished at how many writers reported that once they offered themselves to God for such writing, He seemed to move heaven and earth to make it possible. That' is a huge encouragement to me, for I've become so busy with other had-to-do work, that I was beginning to think nothing more was going to come of my writing goals. I have been enthused to believe again that it is very possible.

Eble has set up this book in sections to point out, via the writers she profiles, at least 10 or 11 points, so that if "Say Yes to God" doesn't inspire you, perhaps "Dream God's Dreams" will, or "Redeeming the Past," or "God's Stretching Places," and "God's Gracious Ways," will when you see how three authors feel about the effect their writing has on readers.

Just reading about the many years some writers persisted in writing without recognition before it came to them, and how God used those years to polish and perfect them resonated well with me. I too feel God has matured me in the delay periods. But the over-all effect of reading all these profiles is one of hope swelling up that yes, these are my kind of people! I belong in their midst. I can learn from their examples, and be an effective, fulfilled and published writer too.

I wouldn't be surprised if you are in similar shoes. In that case, by all means get your hands on this book. It will inspire you. Keep it handy to re-read when you lose the big picture of your writing career.

Thank you Diane Eble, for giving us this fine book!

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