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And the Angels were Silent - by Max Lucado

And the Angels Were Silent

by Max Lucado
Published by W Publishing Group,
a Division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.
ISBN: 0-8499-1815-4 (1987)

This well-known preacher and writer, who has a way with words that makes the obvious seem profound, takes us along on week's travels with Jesus. Not just any week, but the final week before He went to the cross to die.

From the scenes and conversation along the way, Lucado shows us the determined mind and face of Jesus, for He knows what's up ahead for Himself.

Always observant, Lucado picks up a number of personal applications in the events along this walk. Ever the storyteller too, the author adds vignettes, or short stories out of his own life, and those of people he knows or has heard about. Little gems, like how good it feels to be chosen; Jesus came to serve, to make provision for His followers' mistakes; and sometimes people tell us to be quiet and not praise God until we can do it just right (- not Jesus' idea at all!).

Or, how risky it is to show love to Jesus. Simon invited Jesus to a supper, when the Pharisees were already plotting Jesus' death. Simon could get into trouble by implication. Mary gave that costly perfume, knowing that it would affect her reputation forever.

The variety and simplicity of the stories, even the asides, in this book speak of an amazing thinker and writer.

I like to think I notice details and have a vivid imagination too, but Max Lucado takes us via his imagination into all kinds of thoughts and corners of a story, to consider things we would never have thought of on our own. It is this art of taking us via narrative to emotions, and then truths that have startling impact, which makes him such a popular writer. If you have not already discovered Lucado, you would do well to begin with this book.

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