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Are You Pregnant - with a Book?
Audio and Ebook Opportunities
Do You See a Parable?
How-to Publish Your Poetry
How to Write Children's Mysteries
Info in Your Head = Money in Your Hand
A Key for Turning Prolific
Make Short Stories Like Cookies
Marketing Your Mini-Articles
Patterns for Mini-Articles
Six Stages of My Writing Career
What Makes You Cry?
To Which Reader Are We Writing?
A Writer's Responsibilities

Are you bursting, or Are You Pregnant - with a Book? You need these pre-natal steps to bring it forth to birth in today's new and adventurous publishing world, and it has never been easier!

A writer with vision problems triggers some ideas for publishing books in audio and e-book formats. These suggestions are yours for the taking; fill a real niche need that will catch on like ice cream by taking up these Audio and E-Book Opportunities.

Do You See a Parable? - A simple outline for spotting parables all around you, and using them in teaching children, or in writing short stories and articles.

How-to publish your poetry advice for the person who writes poems and wants to publish them.

Having just read ten of the Mandie series, I have some observations for How to Write Children's Mysteries or adventure series.

If you're sitting on heaps of information garnered and collected over the years, the time has come to turn that Info in Your Head = Money!$$$ Yes, turn your knowledge and experiences into a salable book and publish it.

Personal experience and that of friends shows that you don't become a prolific writer until you do this daily - A Key for Turning Prolific

Learn the basic ingredients of stories, so you can Make Short Stories Like Cookies - by the batch.

Six simple outlines or Patterns for Mini-Articles on things you already know, from problems you've already solved.

It's one thing to catch on to the simple patterns of mini-articles, but here's how to Marketing-Your-Mini-Articles too.

As I enter another writing area, I review the Six Stages of my writing career I've come through already.

To Which Reader Are We Writing, exactly? I look at five types of readers and how I am most likely to write to them. Have you thought this through - or do you go by impulse?

The secret to writing inspirational stories and articles that touch others' hearts, is to write - you guessed it, about What Makes You Cry? Here's how to convert your tears into article pearls.

When tragedies strike, like 9/11, words flow quickly from writers, but for many different reasons. Sometimes we forget A Writer's Responsibilities and ethical duties in how we name or describe things, and how we comfort or challenge our readers.

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