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Your Internet Education by Ezines

Do you wonder how others seem to find all these great deals or tutorials, and all that free stuff that is suppose to be on the internet?

Shortly after I started online, I stumbled on WEON, that's Women Entrepreneurs Online Network, and its founder, Rozey Gean. A free subscription to their newsletter was offered and my education began. I felt safe clicking on links in that ezine to check out things that Rozey recommended. It was her bubbly, friendly style. Her articles gave good advice. I got braver as I tried out everything my limited budget allowed.

Soon I was signing up for ezines whenever impressed with a good site, or plenty of helpful information. Before long it took me an hour or more to read my emails, because I clicked on many links to explore and learn, especially after I knew and trusted the editors' choices and experience.

Name your topic; web design, marketing, etiquette for online business, anything you hope to learn can be learned by subscribing to ezines. There are whole universes of topics in the thousands of ezines for the asking! Don't pay for courses, unless you are in a great big hurry, or have money to burn.

Love to read? More time than money? Study ezines!

The editors want your subscription so badly they will offer you all kinds of electronic freebies or gifts, including e-books, and software. Some offer a free weekly ad.

The downside is that you will have to skim over junk ads and things that don't interest you at all. But look; speed-reading is a useful skill too. You may always delete as well.

You will feel swamped eventually. Fortunately, you can unsubscribe as easily as you got onto the list. Every ezine must provide how-to unsubscribe instructions in each issue. At first I saved every ezine. Then I deleted them after I'd checked out the links that appealed to me. Now, I'm bold enough to take myself off any list that doesn't thrill me anymore, or seems to waste my time.

If you want free ads you might subscribe to a number just for that benefit, and delete those ezines as fast as they come in. Just think though, how many are seeing your ad if they do the same. In a while you'll become more discerning and place ads in the ezines that have quality content, aimed at a special kind of subscriber.

Search for ezine directories, then explore your favourite categories.

Presently I get about 50 and need to take my own advice and trim back again, so I have time to apply what I've learned - about web sites, marketing, ezine and article writing, and press releases.

You won't be quite right in saying you are self-taught, but you can certainly be in charge of your education, directing the amount and speed at which you learn. What an opportunity for someone not afraid of work!!

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