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4 Ways to Involve God in Your Online Business

You've decided to go on line? Congratulations! It's the start of probably the most exciting part of your life. Excuse me, that is true for some. The majority quit as soon as they get frustrated.

But I'm assuming you are just like me. Broke as can be, but eager to learn and willing to persist until you get the hang of it and make it succeed.

In fact, you'll need more than just a willingness to persist. You need a mission, a sense of God's will in this; you have a destiny on the net, as the honeymoon will only last so long.

Steve Case, CEO of AOL is to have said his favourite quote is, "The harder they fail - the bigger they grow." I'm not sure whom he was quoting, but it takes for granted that you'll run into some failures before you hit the big times. Mind you, it's not failing that makes you big, it is the getting up over and over to meet your huge challenges.

This brings me to my key point. You need to involve God in your business if you want really good help. "How do I do that?!" you may cry out.

You may not know just yet, what you will do on the internet. You need to find your niche (more suggestions on that in a future article), but there are four ways to prepare and lay a solid spiritual foundation even before you know that.


Ask God for directions, and expect to receive an idea, a knowing, or a strong desire to do a good thing.

Be humble, but not shy to ask others for advice and recommendations, or warnings. They can save you a lot of "hard knocks" lessons. If you are afraid to ask for help, or devastated when you run into a brick wall because of ignorance, you are bound to fail. Remember...keep getting up!


You and God know your weaknesses better than any one else. Got a tendency to lust? Make rules not to go near places of temptation on the net. Can't resist spending at auction sales? Set firm fences or vows to avoid them like a plague. (Yes it is possible!) Are you in danger of neglecting your family? Pledge to reserve certain hours for them.

If you really want to involve God, He will give you creative plans, and noble goals to keep you in safe meadows and away from the steep cliffs. Don't worry, there is plenty to enjoy without drifting to questionable areas on the internet.


The first few days or weeks on the web are so exhilarating as you make discovery on discovery, that you may feel exhausted in just a couple of hours. Then time will begin to run away on you. Other duties will seem minor and you will drop or neglect them. To guard against it, set a careful schedule. Determine beforehand what commitments to your family, or employer, and others you want to keep. Find ways to reinforce them.


Lastly, I recommend a daily prayer time when you talk over your internet affairs with God. This is where He can bring us back on track if we drift off into tangents.

Near when I began on the net, a friend sent me a prayer of affirmations that another friend of hers used each morning. I decided to write my own for the start of my business day*. It reviews my purpose, works out a daily agenda, and it allows me to make specific requests for help, It also reminds me to dress in spiritual armour. My rule is; I don't go on this computer until I've done my devotional time.

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