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Dare You Go Online?
Is the Internet for You?

So you have questions. Let's deal with them. You may have been hesitating to go online because of the dangers you've heard about. Don't you find lots of pornography and smut? Don't good people get led into immorality, or addicted to gambling, or playing endless games? Aren't there scam artists fleecing the innocent of their money? How about the shoppers buying up stuff around the world on their plastics until they burn their limits?

The short answer is yes. All those things happen. They don't have to; but weak people will fall for temptation anywhere. This brings it right into their private space and they feel they can get away with it.

I now believe those who have weak resistance to lures for immorality and greed ought not to be encouraged to go on the world wide web. They ought to be encouraged to dig in gardens rather than learn to use a computer. Are you weak?

Reminds me of when I was a child in my village. The adults were uptight and fearful because the young people were going to the city, a place of great evil in their eyes. Now I know there is good as well as bad in every city. I just make careful choices.

Same with the internet. If you live by high morals and self-rule otherwise, simply take them along when you go online. Don't go into certain areas. Circulate with people of like standards. Only once have I seen any porn. I had clicked on a link to check out a web page. But I hit the back button so fast I can't remember how I got there!

Long before I owned a computer I made a rule never to participate in a lottery or any game of chance. That carries over well on the net. I delete or turn away from any offer to win something for nothing. This decision keeps me from even exploring gambling sites. My noble goal is to publish my general audience novel from my website. So I resolved not to allow any games on my computer at all. Just make such fire wall decisions from the start. You'll never have to break a bad habit.

Desiring to set up a business, and starting from the proverbial shoestring, I have explored offers to make easy money fast. I'm very thankful that I was too broke to sign up for the ones that cost money up front. With more reading and advice, I'm learning what to avoid. Set your spending limits if you do have money. Pretend you are poor like me for at least 4-5 months! Look but don't touch - and you'll learn to recognize the foolish.

There are plenty of free affiliate deals and opportunities where you are simply asked to place ads and promote some products, which you can do free in many places too. (I have yet to spend a penny on advertising). You can earn commissions while promoting your own interests to new friends. Once you learn how to get around on the net fill out forms, send, receive and file emails, and track your many efforts, most of your offline business skills will transfer quite well.

If you have never done business before you can get a whole internet business education for free through ezines or newsletters on those topics. If you are willing to invest the time and try out the advice you get, you can make money. You'll make many new friends around the world too, and broaden your horizons. That's the part I find addictive!

Do you love to read and learn? Are you a people-person who makes friends easily? Have you got the patience to sit hours alone, faithfully WORKING at little writing and administrative chores? Then, you are ripe for the internet and bound to succeed at any venture you set your mind to do!

After a while you will discover you can express yourself by a designing website (those are free too), or publish an ezine, or even an e-book. Why not share your knowledge built up over a lifetime of experience to teach others? You will no longer feel like a newcomer, but like a citizen on the internet highway with something meaningful to share with the world. That's just a bit addicting.

It will cost you at a minimum, a computer, your internet connection, (in some areas free) and your time. Lots of time! What do you think, dare you go online? Is it for you? Or should you stay away for the health of your soul and family?

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