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3 copies of novel; Ruthe's Secret Roses

Ruthe's Secret Roses

the novel and heroine making Friends Everywhere! and Showing You how to Walk and Talk with God. Start reading the online Edition

When you meet Ruthe and her Friend - you'll have friends! Even if you've never had any before. You'll feel convinced she'd step in and help you do something about your problems too. God would inspire her with great ideas for you.

As you read, you'll also watch Ruthe in her most intimate moments with God. Now there's a powerful Friend to have! Haven't you always wanted to get close and personal with Him?

This book was inspired theme-wise, on that dear old song, "In the Garden". It's here, words and music, on this site!

Meet Ruthe, a Christian teen, who models an on-going prayer life as she goes from one adventure to another. You will learn some things about having Jesus as a close personal friend who answers prayers continuously. Read about Ruthe and her secret life in Saskatoon in the novel, "Ruthe's Secret Roses." You are in for some delightful new friends. Order this novel as a softcover book at BookLocker. or Buy NOW! the ebook edition right here on this site. You can download it and begin reading it in mere minutes.

You will also find other interesting areas on this site, like; (oops! They are not quite dressed yet!)

Arbour Gate

- an inter-active friendship and mentoring area. That's where I get acquainted with my new friends, and you get acquainted with me. Then there is the Publishing area where we focus on writing and self-publishing. Also, I have what I call a Patio area, where I share photo stories of my garden, and other events in my life.

Intimacy (with God)

Articles about a closer, more intimate walk with God, and a Devotional study of Matthew.


The RoseBouquet is my weekly ezine that keeps you updated on this site, and my adventures with my novel and my friends. (This used to be available as a blog too, but now I've moved it all over to this site proper. (Start at the above link).

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There is another Friends Section - where I focus on Friendship articles and how to cope with problems such as Ruthe has in the novel. In fact, there are several other areas of interest in this big Park-like site; but those links will only show up here once those areas are rebuilt too!

My Sharing Library

is FULL of Treats! Books I've reviewed and recommend. Also, articles on various topics. For instance, how I learned to read. You will find a selection of eBooks that will be for sale soon!.

Resources Gate

Gifts and books, and helps for those New-to-the-Net, or starting an internet business, and wanting God involved.

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