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Does Your Heart Wish to know the Lord Jesus personally,

like a dear, beloved Friend, the way I do?

Great, let me Introduce You!

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New friend, meet Jesus Christ, the very Best Friend in the Universe!

Now, Jesus already knows all about you, as does His Father, God, in Heaven. They designed and created you, saw all the unfortunate things that have happened in your life, and have been waiting all your life for you to reach the point where you want good fellowship restored between you and them, as it was meant to be. This happens when the Holy Spirit of God, (for God is a Spirit), comes to live within you.

First, a few basic facts about Jesus, just so I don't confuse you with the names and terms I use.

In case this is totally new to you. God, as I just said, is a Spirit. He is the Creator of earth, its peoples, and everything natural on it. Not only that, also the universe with the stars and planets, - everything. God has always existed; He was never born or started at any point. He presents Himself in three personalities; as the Father-God, source of all life, as Jesus Christ, (who was from eternity past, but also came to earth to really introduce us to God, and who died for us so that we could be made pure and able to speak directly to God), and thirdly, as the Holy Spirit He comforts, guides and teaches us after we have decided to receive the gift of salvation and holiness that Jesus holds out to us. We can learn more about them through the Bible.

To understand the trinity is rather hard. God does not mind if we focus on Jesus most. In fact, God wants to lift Him up so high, that all the world should worship Him. The more we get to know and love Jesus, the more we will understand and appreciate the other aspects of God. Even if we get our terms mixed up at times while we learn, - if we fix our sight on Jesus, and believe and obey His words in the Bible - we will get there.

This is why, even a little child, a toddler can learn to love Jesus, and then grow in knowledge and clearer understanding with time. That is exactly what happened to me. My parents took me to church from the time I was a week old, and I've always known and loved Jesus. As a young girl and teenager, lonely, reading a lot, and wanting to have good friends, I discovered that Jesus was a very real Friend to me. I could tell Him absolutely everything, and sometimes He (now I know it was the Holy Spirit's role) prompt me in my spirit's intuition and conscience. When I did wrong, He would very gently point it out to me. When I was upset or lonely He comforted me, and often taught me by reminding me of appropriate Bible verses.

Some think they outgrow their need of Jesus when they make human friends, or get married. But God desires to be friends with us far more than we do with Him. He sent Jesus to open the way for this relationship. It is spiritual, and therefore invisible, but it will profoundly affect our lives in very visible, tangible ways too. My whole life is proof of that!

So, if you want to become friends with Jesus too, here is what must happen.

1. You must be convinced that you are not able to have fellowship with a Holy God, Creator and Master of the Universe, by any other means than the way He provided, Jesus Christ.

You must believe Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, and that includes you. When you believe this you are immediately cleansed of every wrong thought, word or deed you have ever done or had. God completely washes away every record of sin tied to your name! Isn't that fantastic!? You may or may not have a tremendous sense of a lifting of guilt and shame. This is a spiritual transaction, and sometimes emotions don't catch up until later. If a sense of guilt or depression continues, it might be wise to list all the sins that have been plaguing your conscience and one by one, tell God you are sorry for them, and would like them washed away in the blood Jesus shed on the cross for you. If you have been sincere, with nothing held back, then you may just as confidently claim the promise in I John 1:9, where we are told, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, [or fair] and will cleanse us of every sin."

Believe also that Jesus rose again from the dead and went back to Heaven to prepare a home for us. If He had not, we might be forgiven but would have no power to live holy and pleasingly before God. The same Jesus that forgives us, by His resurrection, helps us to be good.

It is helpful to mark this time with a special prayer, inviting Christ into your life. You may compose your own words as they well up from the depths of your being. However, if you wish, you may use this prayer, or use it as a model to get you started on your own conversational talks with Jesus;

"Lord Jesus, I acknowledge I am a sinner,
and that I have sinned against God.
I know now that Your death on the cross was to pay for my sins.
I believe that, and love You for it.

Right now I invite You into my life to be my personal Saviour and Lord.
I understand that by receiving You like this, You also give me eternal life,
and I shall live forever in Heaven with You.;

From this day forth, I want You for my very Best Friend!
come live in and with me by Your Holy Spirit.
Fill me up with You, Lord Jesus!

I want to get a Bible and really work at getting to know more about You,
and to find other friends who are Christians and can help me along.


5. If you really meant it, and were not pretending, or taking it too lightly, then the transaction is done. God has seen and heard every word of your heart (spirit), and recorded your name in the Book of Life. You are a Believer, a Christian, and a friend of Jesus'! Welcome into the Family of God!

6. There is of course, the enemy of God and all Believers, Satan, who is very real and would like you to doubt that anything has really happened, or would like to discourage you from really following through. He is a spirit too, so may try to whisper negative and accusatory things to you, or dredge up old bad memories. It will be helpful to write down a record of this decision with the date, to make it more permanent in your own mind. I have heard stories of people who later were able to hold up a piece of paper and say to Satan, "See? I did SO make that decision! I really meant it, and I'm sticking by it."

The best recourse is to pray, and Jesus does not mind if you seem to be constantly throwing yourself into His arms with cries of "Help me!" or "Protect me!" or, "Show me what to do next!" In fact, the more such troubles you have and the more often you talk to Jesus in prayer, the closer you will feel to Him. Rough situations are no fun, but Believers who have the most trouble have the best friendships with Jesus.

7. Cheer up. One day, whether after we have died, or if we should live until Jesus comes for us (look for I Thessalonians chapter 4 in the Bible), riding on a cloud and with a trumpet blast, we shall get to see Him face to face, and have a blissful, trouble-free life in Heaven with Him. Right now He is there, very much alive and well, and preparing a beautiful home for each of us, in a city that can only be compared to a huge diamond and many other jewels. Anything we must go through here will be worth it all when we get there!

8. Now, it would really thrill me no end, if you would write me a note or letter, telling me about yourself, and this new friendship you have with Jesus Christ. Would you do that?

Use this page to reach me.

If you are willing to give me your name and address, I'll see if I can send you some helpful booklets.

Thank You for reading through this long private chat, and for praying and trusting Christ. I am tremendously happy for you, and even if I never get to meet you on earth, I look forward to getting to know you in Heaven!

My prayer for you is that God will free you from the curse of sin and Satan's efforts, and bless you wonderfully! May you have much joy and delight in your new friendship with my very Best Friend! Now Jesus is your Best Friend too!

Love & Prayers,
Ruth Marlene Friesen

P.S. Please, if you enter a Hotmail address my reply will NOT get through to you. It is not that I'm not trying. I have had this happen quite a lot of late. I am unable to reach you if you write to me from a hotmail address! Hotmail won't let me through! Believe me, I've been trying with several, and I feel badly that I cannot answer then!

Please, have you got another address you can use? Or would you promptly go to your Hotmail address, and whitelist my domain name, ruthes-secretroses.com. But if you do NOT hear from me within about 24 hours, it means I couldn't get through. I tried!

(Unless of course spammers use this form - those will be deleted promptly!)

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
The Responsible One

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