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God's Agenda for
Our Human Race

Part 1: Starting with an Intelligent Designer
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Part 3: How I see the Future & Answering some Misconceptions
Part 4: Time and Timelessness

An intimate relationship with God, starts better with a concept of God as an intelligent designer of the human race, and the whole universe. There are many well-written and thoroughly researched books on the end of the world. Some friends have indicated they want to know what I believe. Fair enough. So I've gathered my thoughts, my beliefs, and how they affect my life decisions, and my writing style.

Intelligent Designer
First of all, I'm convinced there is an Intelligent Designer. His name is the Lord God Almighty. He also introduced Himself to Moses as Jehovah, or Jahweh.

Recently I heard some scientists speaking in a radio interview, and they agreed that all the evidence points to an Intelligent Designer. There are still scientists who prefer to believe theories that cannot hold water, but the ones who honestly, fairly look at all the evidence have to admit that this universe is here because of an Intelligent Designer who planned it, and controls it.

I've found I can understand all the prophetic overviews of the Bible in better context when I take time to absorb some basic truths about God first. He is eternal. He has always existed and always will. Nothing exists - no universe, no earth, no skies, no people or animals, or planets - no sun even, unless God has thought it up, and said it should exist. His very words made them appear.

This same God is altogether holy or pure and righteous. There is not the tiniest cell or nucleii of evil in Him. He is altogether GOOD and completely just or fair. Totally WISE, and unfathomably LOVING, just for starters. We could spend a lot of time developing a character profile of God, and that is a great idea, as then we'll better grasp and understand what He says.

God, as Spirit, is able to be everywhere, know everything, and do anything He chooses!

I've noticed that when people take one trait of God's out of context, or set it into a context of their own human lives and wits, they soon distort God and who or what He really is. It's like - they look at a menu and decide to click on Loving God. That sounds safe, but hold the justice and holiness. They think God doesn't see their faults and sins just because they are closing their own eyes and mind to them.

Well, God IS loving, but He is also holy and wise, and He keeps His word. So He is not going to give people a second or third life after death to live right. He has said we have to make our choice for or against Him in this life. If we muff it, it's too late. He already gives us far more time in our lives to repent and turn from our ways than we deserve! We will face the consequences of our choice in the after life. That after life is eternal. This one is but the testing prelude.

Therefore, the choices you and I make in this lifetime have tremendous implications for the much longer spell, called eternity! Let's get the facts right and choose wisely!

It doesn't hurt to spend time getting our mind around just how holy and awesome God is; once we do, we'll find a lot of our questions answered. The heroine in my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses has done that. So when the bed-ridden and acidic Irish Granny O'Brien challenges her to explain why God allows pain and suffering in the world, Ruthe has an answer ready.

When that motorcycle gang wants to brush off a God who might put them in Hell, Ruthe is able to show that we're here on God's turf, on this earth, ultimately He makes the rules. She is familiar enough with the Bible to show that Hell is a horrible place of anquish and pain. Not a weenie roast bonfire, but a lake of fire, where even a small worm will never be totally free of burning. It does not end! In Hell, you are not shoved in and out of the flame like a marshmallow on a stick; if you end up in Hell you will be tormented spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically - not for a lifetime, ended by death, but for ever and ever and ever, without end!

God created that Hell for the devil and his group of rebellious angels. People who side with them will end up in the same place.

But yes, we were going to discuss an over view of God's agenda for the human race. Let's come back to that topic more directly now in Part 2

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
The Responsible One

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