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What's New: How to Be a Power-Shopper

I'm now making progress on rebuilding my site, 24 pages are done, just 80 left to go. I think I can still be finished by the end of January.

Yesterday I started working on a section of pages about how to be a power shopper. This applies to both offline and online shopping. It's all about . . . being organized and thorough, and aware of many ways to get the best deals, even how to get some of your money back!

Be ready to think of it as seriously as a job or a small business you own. You have to give some time to it, and be thorough. That means it may take some time, particularly, if by nature you are very spontaneous and impulsive. But if you are determined to learn and you keep at it, your style of shopping will shift more and more towards orderly savings and good buys. You'll get addicted to finding your great deals, and enjoy bragging to your family and friends.

Stages of Becoming a Power-Shopper:

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Have You Read, "The Holy War"?

Years ago John Bunyan, author of "Pilgrim's Progress" also wrote another allegory, "the Holy War." It describes the spiritual conflict between Satan and El Shaddi (God), for the open surrender and obedience of Mansoul - representing any/every human being, and how good and evil forces struggle to win the heart and mind of a human heart. It is wonderfully illustrated.

But if you know John Bunyan's writing style, you will realize that it is slower reading than what we usually see now-a-days. So Ethel Barrett, who has been well-known for several decades for her ability to tell complicated stories in a simpler form so that even children can understand it... this Ethel Barrett has told "The Holy War" in terms that anyone with today's English education can understand.

Her book is being read on in 15 minute segments, from Monday to Fridays. Though I have read this book before, I am enjoying listening to it again. Lynn Brooks, is the reader, and she has great dramatic talents for this. The story just comes to life! Or, you can listen to the segments on demand from this page.

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