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Separating the Living from the Dead

Yes, I'm still stuck updating the genealogy charts, and waiting for feedback from the relatives that I've asked to up date their branch of our Family Trees. I am getting rather weary of this stage that is taking so long.

There has been a problem chewing at the back of my mind; Some people into famiy trees and genealogy don't like to see living generations shown online, as some people with evil minds might try to take on their ID and use that to get in where they should not and to run up bills in someone else's name.

I know of one database site that pledges to only show desceased ancestors on their site. You have to pay extra to order the complete database.

Over this past weekend I suddenly saw how I could do something similar. I think it will put the minds of a number of people at ease, and it will also give me a little elbow room.

I can set a limit to how many generations are shown in my genealogical printouts of a major ancestor's descendants. I always like to see all of them. But I think I have enough info on those older deceased ancestors that I can create e-books now for just those earlier ancestors, and then make an offer to provide a full-complete printout (e-book) for those who especially request this and are willing to pay for the customized order fulfulment.

If I keep adding to my database as more info comes in, no matter when someone asks for a complete report it will include all the data that I've collected on the currently living generations. Of course, I will add the current date on those e-books. So if a few years later, they want a new update, we can add the then current date on that custom report.

Now the tricky part is - deciding where to separate the living from the dead. That might be an iffy line. Oh, wait, the GRANDMA database has a feature that allows one to block the living. Ah-ha! Then I don't have to make those calls.

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