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Re-thinking My Business Priorities

p>No, nothing on a big scale. But spending three days on setting up the new computer last week, meant that I didn't get the database entries for all my genealogies done. I had told myself at the beginning of the week I would allow just one more week for that job and if it wasn't finished I would retire the project to just one session a week, and I'd would use most of the business hours on rebuilding the next website,

However, as I prayed about it yesterday morning I concluded that I would likely have to take time for this database work sooner or later. If I put it off I would still have to interrupt another site rebuild to get it done. It would be better to devote all my freed-up business hours to this project and keep the Generosity-alive site waiting a little longer.

I spent yesteday morning and afternoon on the Spenst genealogies. Oh what a tangle! There are so many large families with 11-15 children, and they all seemed to use the same names over and over again. (One man had 3 wives and 25 children ...though some died in ifancy). But I had to be so careful that I was adding into the right family, of this Gerhard or that Jacob - so I didn't create a mess that would be hard to unravel. There are only a couple of pages to go, and I think I'm done with those. But I haven't started on my Neudorf book yet, where I have scribbled a lot of additions into the margins.

Then there is that stack of papers - about 3-4 inches high with more notes from letters, funeral bulletins, etc. to enter too.

Yes, I've decided to stay with it until it is done! Then the creating of new, up-to-date e-books should be easier... I Ho-p-e! ;)

Revive Your Old Bottles of Nail Polish

Do you also have a row or even a drawer full of old bottles of nail polish that have become so thick you can't apply them any more?

I did. I was torn between throwing them out or seeing if there was some way to thin the goopy nail polish and make them usable again. At least for painting crafts maybe?

I did a Google search and came up with a number of answers, most of them centering on using an eye dropper to put just 1-3 drops of nail polish remover (it has acetate in it) to dilute the polish so you can start using it again. Shake up well first, and I found that it helped to put the bottles treated this way in a dish of hot water to warm up the dried polish inside, and soften it.

Not all will respond perfectly, so try several before you give up. Some may need another drop or two of the nail polish remover. Be cautious about over-doing the drops.

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