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A New-to-me Fridge

52+ year old fridge with taped handle

Last Tuesday I told you of needing a better fridge, and that my old one must be last 52 years old maybe more. The next day I made a point of calling a couple of places that might have good used models available. The first one had none on hand at all. But Mike's Appliances had a number of them.Their service man has repaired some appliances for me at an affordable rate, and sometimes at no charge at all.

So I promised to be there at 4 pm to have a look. They had a row of used fridges along one wall and the prices ranged from $350 to $700. I looked them over and narrowed my choices to one at $450. They added another $75 for delivery and yet another $75 for taking away the old one. (Fair enough, as I knew then even when all empty, I couldn't push that thing more than an inch or two).

We agreed on 2 pm the next afternoon, to give me time to empty the old one and to move back furniture that would be in the way.

However, at 10 am their truck driver was banging at the door, as they wanted to make the exchange right then. I' said, I'm sorry, I'm just having breakfast and haven't got the old one empty yet, nor moved back the furniture. The man asked if I'd be ready in an hour.

I said I'd try. He disappeared.

While eating my high energy muffin, I set up TV trays and emptied the fridge, and washed it down, inside and out. Knowing the new fridge was 30 inches wide, and though my doors were 30 inches, the path between those doors would have to be widened. I was done in an hour and ready to sit down.

52+yr fridge inside, okay, but a mess when defrosting it

I phoned Mike's and reported that I was ready, but their truck was not back yet. He promised to send them. It was just about 12 when they arrived.

One of the men was a pessimist and kept saying it wouldn't work. The other man kept reassuring him that yes, it would work just fine. In minutes they had their wide belt over their shoulders and under my old fridge. They simply walked it out of the house! But it was ony 28 inches wide.

my new fridge being walked in

The other man worried, and the younger man kept saying it would work. They carried it like a coffin on it's side through the first porch door, but then shifted it up right and walked it right in, past me and into the kitchen in less than a minute. This one is on wheels, and they rolled it into position. Then the pessimist came back with a clipboard and asked me to sign that I had received it. Done!

Well, my kitchen was a crowded mess, so I decided to load this fridge first, especially to keep the food from spoiling, and then I'd have lunch afterward. I did take time to wash it down inside and out first - for sanitiary reasons.

want to peek inside my new to me fridge?

The running sound it makes when the freezer is working is different, but I'm getting used to it. Also that the handles are on the right side instead of the left. I've fumbled a few times on the left for a handle that is not there. But I'm learning to remember.

I waited a few days with putting the magnets and papers on the fridge, thinking I might do without. Then I realized that I missed having them handy, and so have arranged them again.

my new fridge decked in magnets, recipes, etc.


How to Keep Your Car Windows Crystal Clear

The wipers don't always do such a good job, then as I learned yesterday, even the vinyl in the dash of your car exudes a film of oils which rise and cling to the inside of our windshields. Just wiping with a wet rag doesn't do it justice and on a cold winter morning, can turn that film of oil on the windows to something that makes a messy fog that only gets worse as you try to wipe it clean.

Ah, but you may have a can of shaving cream, or some hand sanitizer handy. Spray that on the window, and then wipe clean with a mirco-fibre cloth, being careful not to touch the dash with it or any plastic parts of the car, as that will pick up more of that invisible oil film. Wipe the windows in a circular fashion first, over the whole window. Then turn the rag to a clean side, and wipe the glass again, but in an up and down motion.

You will be amazed at how super, crystal clear the windows are!

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