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New Berry Plants

Yes, we had rains earlier last week, but on Thursday afternoon, the neighbour with the rotortiller called and he came at 5 pm to till my garden. He was done in about half an hour, and I was pleased with how thorough he is; even going over each tillage row 3 times to make sure the soil is broken into softer, finer soil.

Friday turned out to be very windy with some showers, so I made that my shopping errands day. I went to Dutch Growers and bought myself a chokecherry tree, and 2 Black vining Raspberries, plus 2 Red Boyne Raspberries. I had bought 4 raspberry plants last year, but one had died and I did want that row to grow and increase between my tent-garage and the neighbour's wooden garage on the west side. However, one of those raspberry canes had died.

It was still fairly windy on Saturday, and I did intend to seed my garden, but first I needed to get these plants into the ground. However, the area where I wanted them was not where the neighbour had rotortilled my garden area. I found the weeds were knee-high in those areas so I had to pull up a lot of weeds before I could did holes with my spade for the plants.

I decided the Chokecherry needed to be within reach of the garden hose when I would be watering the garden, so I placed it beside the door of the shed, but in such a way that it will provide a bit of a blind for people trying to spy over the fence.

I wanted the climbing black raspberries to be near the back fence. so those thorny vines can grow up over the fence and prevent people from trying to get over the fence to exploit my yard. I had to fill a whole garbage can with bag inside, with weeds before I felt satisfied that I had cleared space for these raspberry plants between the lilacs. By the time I'd planted them I was wiped out exhausted.

I went in - had a snack at the fridge and curled up for a nap. I couldn't even imagine doing anything else!v

Yet, when I woke up after 4 pm I decided that I really wanted the red raspberries planted too, so they would dry up and wither.

Oh, but the strip between the garages was now knee-deep in weeds too. All since the rains at the beginning of the week! This time I brought out a stool to sit on as I pulled up more and more weeds, filling the bag in the garbage bin again!

Then, when I finished planting the two NEW raspberry plants, I stopped to count the new small raspberry plants bursting up beside the 3 from last year. What? They will provide 12 brand new plants? I'm going to have a raspberry hedge here soon!

Again, I went inside wiped out with exhaustion. Altogether, I believe I worked hard outside for a total of 3+ hours. I didn't think I could do any housecleaning yet.

But after a rest, I decided to try vacuuming. Then I mopped the floors. That was enough.

I did start sowing the garden proper last night after supper. I got 4 rows sowed, radishes, spinach, two kinds of lettuce and a row of carrots. I planted my tomato seedlings that I'd started indoors in early March, at the ends of the rows, so they will be right beside the path.

If I can keep up this kind of progress each day this week, - or by the end of next week for sure - I will have seeded my garden. Then I will need to turn my attention to the front flower beds.

Will power is an amazing trait to have. Do you have any?

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