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My New Project Plans

Yes, the garden is put to bed for the winter. So now I want to use that block of time I used to spend in the garden doing some DEEP CLEANING all through my house. Most often just a shelf or a corner per day, unless I've got to do some heavy baking, etc. I like to hope I can get through all five rooms on the main floor by the end of this 2021 year.

Then, in January I will go downstairs and see if I can reduce "my stuff" by 1/3 at least.

Meantime, in the business part of my life, I've moved on to the site, and the main pages are already converted to a responsive design. But there is a blog, that I've shared with a friend, and I'm afraid I've greatly neglected. This friend has not been able to keep up of late either, but there are ovr 500 posts and only 2-3 dozen are mine. I've offered to put my friends' posts into ebooks, and I saw yesterday that there may be enough for 2-3 e-books! So I think editing and laying out those e-books is going to tie me up for most of November!

My friend has a "Raven's Fund" from which to dip when meeting someone in need. I think I'll suggest that we offer a free sampler of the posts about Generosity, and sell a larger volume of them with the profits to go into that Raven's Fund.

Ultimately though, I see it wiser to do everything from the basic Static site, and to delete the blog once I've emptied it.

One more thing. I've almost completed my 8th year as the editor of a client's official publication, which comes out three times a year. They have paid me for my hours invested, but they want to spend that on other projects and are recruiting volunteers to take on the editoral work. (I don't think they know what they are getting into; but I had to learn from the start, so they can too.)

I'm working on the last issue for this year, and had some problems last week with two articles that were promised but not sent in on time, then on Sunday they bunged my inbox with huge files too big; so I'll be working on the layout of those tonight, and hopefully have this issue ready for the proof-readers by Thursday. Then next week I'll make all the final edits based on the proof-readers' comments/notes, and then I send it off to the printers.

I will still be the webmaster for this client, but when I have finished rebuilding this big site to a new Responsive Design, I will mainly have maintenance duties and that should not keep me busy for a whole evening each week. That will reduce my income from that direction, but I am looking forward to having that night freed up for my own business website work and the e-books I want to write. I have strong faith and high hopes that the Lord will bless my own sites with several stream of income that will more than compensate for the client backing off.

I've really enjoyed the editor's role, but I'm willing to give it up now, and use those skills for new editing projects that will increase my incomes for the GIVING I look forward to doing!


How to Promote Yourself to Prosper Your Business

If you are into marketing, online especially, you may have heard that the best way to do this is to promote yourself first to attract people to yourself. When you find out what they need, you can present your business offer to them as the very answer they need for their problem.

Well, tonight I'll be attending the fourth class in a series of 8 sessions on marketing oline. So I've been hearing this over and over again; promote yourself, so that if you change your business line, or if you take up several, you only need to market yourself, and then wait until you've built a relationship with your new contacts before you offer them a solution to some problem they have.

I thought several years ago, that the key word to describe me, which I've placed on most of my websites now, is that I'm the "Responsible One" - that is, the one you can count on, and who finishes whatever she starts.

Recently though, while trouble-shooting some problems, I realized that one reason I find answers (besides prayer) is that I am also resourceful. I know how to research and find answers, and because I'm responsible - I don't give up until I FIND The right Answer!

So now I think I need to promote myself as: Ruth Marlene Friesen,
the Resourceful and Responsible One;
Your Go-to Person when You have Problems.

What do you think? Could you improve on that?

Secondly, how could you describe yourself in a word or two?
Would those win you new friends and contacts?

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P.S. Due to relentless efforts to hack into the blog, I have deleted it and move my weekly posts to this Department on my novel's site, which is all about my Friends being my Roses or RoseBouquet, and has been from the beginning, in 2001.
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