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My Homemade Pizza

Okay, I'm not the greatest fan of pizza. I've sometimes bought one and kept it in the freezer in case company drops by and I don't have a big enough meal planned to offer them.

But on the weekend I began to have a small hankering for pizza. I decided to see if I could find a quick an easy recipe. A former roommate years ago had given me the paperback copy of the Boston School of Cooking Recipe book. (It doesn't take forgranted that I know everything that an experienced cook knows). Sure enough I found an easy recipe for pizza dough.

So yesterday while I had to wait a while for my lunch to heat up, I quickly put together the dough, cut it into three parts, and stretched them out in pie plates. Then I put them into the fridge.

At supper time I took one out, and began to layer on whatever I thought would work. I chopped up a clove of garlic, and some slices of onion, and a 3-4 spoons of raw hamburger. When they were browned I scattered them on the pizza dough. There was about a large tablespoon of chicken and cabbage, etc. in the bottom of my soup pot. I chopped that up more, and added it to the pizza.

Then I got my ketsup bottle and pounded some out of the almost empty bottle all over the pizza. (No tomato sauce in the house). Ah, but I had some sun-dried tomato salad dressing in the fridge door, so I squirted some of that over the toppings.

Hmmm... now for some cheese. I had just last week sliced up a large brick of cheddar/mozzarella cheese into Tupperware containers, so that it would last me a while, but there had one been one chuck for which I didn't have a container, so I'd set it aside to be grated later. (Maybe that's what made me hanker for a pizza?) I grated about one third of that chunk and scattered the gratings over the pizza.

Now, that looked good enough to me! So I put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

After supper my one sister, who has taken to calling me at least once or twice a day to ask for help to decide on this or that, called, and this time she said, "So what did you do today to celebrate Victoria Day?"

My first answer was that I'd had an ordinary business day, and it was too rainy to work in the garden. Then I remembered the pizza, and I told her that I'd celebrated with a homemade pizza and I'd eaten half of it. It tasted great, but that was filling enough, so I had set aside the other half to warm up today for lunch.

My sister groaned and made faces (I assume), as she complained that I ALWAYS have to do things in my own original way.

"What's wrong with that?"

She retorted that she always did things the way they were suppose to be done.

"How boring!" I sighed. I try not to quarrel with people, but we definitely have a difference of opinion here.

I guess I'm truly Dad's daughter, for he was not afraid to be resourceful and create whatever he needed to solve a problem, or to fill a need.

(Now, I'm praying hard that today I will finally discover how to set up the page numbering in my e-books so that 1 begins AFTER the cover and front-matter pages. I've struggled with this and so far it is not working right for me. It used to! But not in this current version of LibreOffice).

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For Faster Sprouting Seeds!

YouTube videos are hot on the topic of sprouting our garden seeds more quickly by mixing some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle with a ratio of 1:10. You can lay the seeds on paper towels, spritz them with your hydrogen peroxide/water mix and cover to hide in a plastic baggie for a day or two. When you check them they may already have sprouted.

Some recommend just sprinking some of that solution in the row where you have sown the seeds. (I tried that on Saturday; we'll see how that works).

Later, when the plants are up, you can use the same dilution recipe to spay on the leaves of the plant. They will begin to grow and become more vivid, and colourful in the flowers.

Feel free to experiment too, and we'll compare notes later in the summer.

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