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My Gas Line to be Moved!

About two years ago, a man from Sask Energy, which supplies the natural gas line which feeds my furnace and water heater, came around with an entourage of summer students/interns, and he checked my gas meter out back, and asked what I might want changed, as they were planning to come through this sup-division and improve all their lines.

Well, I perked up. I explained that I'd meant to have a wooden garage stucture built, but I'd been told by Sask Energy that I was NOT allowed to build one over their gas lines, and mine comes right down the center of the garden, under my sidewalk. What with my property being only so wide it meant that no matter which side I would have a garage built, it would end up over that gas line. So nix that idea and go for another, better quality tent/garage. Which I did in the fall of 2019.

Now, the man who showed up told me that since they would be doing a lot of thorough work in this neighbourhood, they would be willing to move my gas line under my garden - which way would I like it to go? OH-h!! Really?!

So we discussed it and agreed that if they moved it over to the east side of the path. That Sask Energy man and his entourage drew diagrams, and when I told them of my dream of having the back porch removed and an office/sunroom built there instead, he suggested they would just move the meter to the corner of the house, so it could still be checked from the outside.

But then COVID-19 hit, and all kinds of restrictions, so I assumed all those plans were shredded.

So returning to the present. Last week another Sask Energy man came to my door to apologize for the delay, but yes, they are still planning to do this for me. At their expense! Starting this week!

Just as I started to work on this RoseBouquet, I heard heavy machinery outside. I couldn't see anything from the front windows so I went out the back. It was coming from the back alley. I dashed out to my gate facing the alley. Ah-h! Sure enough, a big white truck, and two machines that are digging holes into the alley surface!

The man who came last week marked out a lot of lines with his gismo that squirted yellow and white lines, in the alley and in our backyards. (Yellow shows where the current lines are, and the white ones, where the new lines are to go).

I don't know how many days this will take, but I'm delighted that they are keeping their word!


Back Pain? Arthritis? Achey All Over?

I'm always cautious when I see health remedies, because often they have some shrewd marketers behind all the testimonials and great-sounding health information. However, when we have some achiness that lingers and won't go away, we become desperate enough to perk up our eyes/ears when we come across such wonder products.

My left arm, especially the wrist and elbow have been achy since I had to shovel and throw snow for two weeks last November. I mentioned it to my doctor when she called the other week with the results of my bone density tests. She said, "Oh that's just arthritis."

I got to thinking about that some days later as I was praying about it, and I asked myself, (and the LORD), how come we are expected to just resign ourselves to live with arthritis? How come she didn't want to check first for a pinched nerve? Or whatever else?

Then I saw this video about various pain problems that seem to affect mostly seniors, but often others too, and they can be come quite crippling. The video explained that there are certain enzymes in our digestive tract, and one of them tends to multiply when we have some pain, and that can block blood flow to that area, which only increases our pain. They have a remedy called "Heal n' Soothe" which can take care of that in a matter of a day or two up to a week. They were offering a free trial bottle if I paid for the shipping costs.

I stopped to think for a while, and then decided it would be worth checking out. So I've ordered that sample bottle. I don't get any commissions on this, but if you should also be interested, go vist and if you are ready to try it out, click the button that says, "Try it FREE".

I've noticed that their site has a lot of articles on dealing with pain, even as to what foods to avoid and which ones are inclined to help ease your pain. Such information is quite useful!

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