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I've already mentioned that I was scheduled for my COVID vaccine shot on Saturday at 2 pm. Which did n't turn out to be a very big deal. I was impressed with how many volunteers they had organized to run this in the big Prairieland Exhibition Building.

I was through the initial stages of temperature check, and ID check, and in a chair opposite a very nice and gracious nurse, and had my shot within 15 minutes. Then I was required to sit and wait in another room for 15 minutes - in case I came out with side effects. But then I was able to walk through another waiting room, stop at the computer desk near the door to confirm my ID again and then I was on my way home.

The nurse did say that I should make an appointment for my second Pfizzer shot within 4 months.

Well, if nothing happens to prevent this, I'm planning to go to Manitoba for the "Merging of the Families" that my brother Ernie and his new wife of last July are planning right on their first anniversary, July 18th. So I will make sure I have that shot in good time before that date. The nurse said that after that second shot I should have 95% protection against the COVID virus. All right!

As others have told me, I hardly knew that I'd been pricked. But I was tired of being on my feet so much all day Saturday. The day was so lovely and warm outside that I had wanted to go wash the car, but I talked myself out of that.

Sunday morning I worked on my sinus headache and a stiff neck again. I didn't think that was really a side effect as that happens to me when I eat food that is rather heavy, or I get too exhausted. But I struggled to get that pain under control all day. It cleared just before bedtime.

Today I'm feeling great again!

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Do You Enjoy Crafts?

I do! I have since I was a kid and would make Christmas gifts out of cardboard or papers cut and glued together. I was thrilled years ago when I discovered that if I walked into a paper wholesaler or printing company and asked for their "cuttings" I could walk away with a box full of treasures! It would take me years to finish off making booklets, fancy letters, cards, and what I now learn is called ephemera or embellishements. Now they don't seem to allow that any more - the cuttings are sent to recyclying depots.

I don't really have time in my current schedule to do much in the way of crafts, but when I need to indulge in a little distraction I go watch some Youtube videos about craft ideas. It doesn't take long to get me excited! But I mainly get my 'charges' now by watching others.

So if you like crafts and need ideas, or just want to enjoy some inspiration, watch some of these craft videos.

Once you've watched a few YouTube will keep showing you more and more! There's no end to these!

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