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What's New: My Mail's Ready - But it's Way TOO COLD OUT!

Do you recall how last week I was lamenting that interruptions had kept me from housework on Saturday and from writing my intended batch of replies to my Christmas mail?

Well this past Sunday I had no such interruptions at all. So I got my batch of letters done, and even a small parcel, and a gov't survey that I've finished.

my pile of mail waiting until the weather is warmer

But guess what. A great DEEP FREEZE rolled in from the north and settled on our province. Here in Saskatoon we've been having temperatures like -32 Celsius, with the windchill factor making it feel like -41 C!

Right now, near noon on Tuesday it has warmed up to -22 C, but I'm not sure yet that I want to bundle up and hike over to Ave. H. to the nearest mailbox to send off my mail. I intend to wait until it as about as warm as it will get in the afternoon, and then go out to sweep my steps and front walk. If my face and hands can tolerate that temperature, I may just talk myself into hiking over to Ave. H, and the mailbox. I can be there and back in 10 minutes if I don't run into any icy patches.

I guess I've just become more chicken about cold weather as I've got older.

Yes, I could take the car, but I forgot to plug it in. So if I go do that, I have to come in, wait a few hours and then go out . . . and I will need to do that later this week, for groceries, but I think I'll be more willing on Friday when it will only be -10 during the day.

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