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Good Weather News!

I try not to dwell on boring weather reports, but we are having days this week when the temperature is above 0 C. I've been prepared to hear water dripping from the roof. I have not heard it yet, but see that the snow that was on the roof of the house across the street has almost melted all away. Just a small patch left.

Yesterday I opened the front door to sniff the milder air, and was surprised to hear the slush squirting from the tires of the traffic on Avenue I, at the corner. The streets are dark now as the snow has melted and the more traffic drives over the wet slush the more gets tossed to the sides of the street.

The temperatures will fluctuate a bit over the next week or so, but it does appear as if the worst of our winter is behind us and we can expect spring to be here in full-strength in March!

My garden has had 2-3 feet of snow on it, and I only shoveled the cement path clear, but yesterday when I went to take my compost out, I was pleased to see a few inches of dirt showing on either side of the path.

I've even started some tomato seedlings in some empty juice cartons. They are already 2-3 inches high!

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